I know I have mentioned quite a bit of my past in various posts over the years and I am fairly certain the Goth years came up at some point. I am honestly too lazy to go look so I’ll just get it out of the way. For a while, back in the day, I wore a lot of black clothes, eyeliner and nail polish. With that out of the way I can say that I am not apologetic of appreciating the genre to this day. I think the main reason I have never written about it is that what passes for the genre these days is an anemic grammar school girl compared to the greats from back in the day. I mean, can anything considered Goth these days even hold a candle to the likes of Siouxsie and the Banshees, Sisters of Mercy, Joy Division et al? I guess I could just be an old man yelling “Get off my lawn” and all but nothing coming out today seems to drive the same emotions. So I was cautious when I saw that Peter Murphy had a new album out. I wanted it be everything that was the glory the good old days.

Ninth is not what I expected but it also does not disappoint. I hesitate to hearken back to previous Murphy releases for comparison because I don’t know if anyone ’round these parts would get them but this album has a punk/glam feel that can’t be denied. Of course I don’t mean what passes for modern punk but the punk/glam scene that brought forth Bauhaus and their peers. This album is a meaty electronic assault with Murphy’s crooning offering up ennui and nihilism like it always has. He proves track after track that he hasn’t lost the iconic wordsmithing that carried him to fame but he does it with a sound closer to Bauhaus than to his earlier solo work but with, and I can’t put my finger on it, a modern feeling to the sound overall. Now not every track is winner and a couple really stand out above the rest but all in all, if you come from the same side of the tracks as me or want to see what it’s like over there, this is damn fine offering. I can’t call it Essential Listening because I am honestly not always in the mood for the style but it is one I won’t regret buying and if you lean that way you should pick up as well. Peter may be old but he’s not done yet! (editors note: That’s not what she said. Ba Dump Bump)

Peter Murphy – I Spit Roses
Peter Murphy – The Prince & Old Lady Shade
Peter Murphy – Slowdown

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