“I will not destroy myself/ ’cause that just doesn’t seem worthwhile”


New Hampshire cabin outlet Passerine crafts a stark, meditative mini-album out of a rough-textured guitar and wafty vocals. The accomplishment of “Blow Wind Blow” is worth the whole bundle, not that there’s a short stick here. On that song, Passerine (alias of Eric Gagne from bands like Death to Tyrants and Redwing Blackbird) blends some prickly fingerpicking with distressed downstroaking and emerges with a cool kind of lo-fi bluegrass–something like shade-of-faded-blue-grass, blueyondergrass. For fans of that articulate forresty madness you’ll get out of Digger Barnes, Lou Barlow, Katie Crutchfield, Franz Nicolay, Cassette.

Destroy Myself
Blow Wind Blow
Beech Trees

Grab the cassette from Sophomore Lounge Records (State Champion, Animal City, Spider Bags, Only Sons) and the digital from Passerine’s bandcamp.

Author: Mike Ostrov

Mike Ostrov relays the history of popular song on message boards and under rocks.