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This EP came out just last December but I still got really mad at my ignorance when I learned of its existence only a few days ago. An extra day without new Paige Anderson songs is a wasted day indeed. Paige Anderson has been leading her family’s bluegrass band since before she was even a teenager. The Anderson Family Bluegrass Band were ushered into this neck of the alt-country thing when Chuck Ragan brought them along the west coast leg of the 2009 Revival Tour. Ragan and the Andersons released a split 9″ record that featured Paige’s own “Middle of the Field” and their co-written captivity narrative “Larcena.” She also contributed the song “Flying Rocks” to Lubricated Zine’s The Company I Keep compilation.

And that was Paige Anderson’s solo recorded output until this EP. Still a family band, The Fearless Kin are Aimee Anderson on fiddle and Ethan Anderson on mandolin and bass. Ragan appears here, too, dueting on “Ballad of the Red River.” It’s a deeply beautiful album, rich and rough and up there with Gillian Welch or Levon Helm. The Andersons’ youth has never been treated as a novelty because the sincerity of their music is overpowering–and because they’re better than most musicians.

Watch The Anderson Family Bluegrass Band play a song at the San Jose Revival Tour gig in 2009, then the video of The Fearless Kin playing at a Bob Wills tribute concert in 2012.

Paige Anderson & The Fearless Kin – Ballad Of The Red River (w/Chuck Ragan)
Paige Anderson & The Fearless Kin – Hourglass
Paige Anderson & The Fearless Kin – Wild Rabbit

Buy the Wild Rabbit EP on CD from the Fearless Kin site; digitally on iTunes or Amazon.

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