Last week I had the following Facebook conversation with one of the guys who books shows here in the Tampa Bay area:

Him: you up on The Owsley Brothers? JUNE 9 @ New World Brewery
Me: Never heard of them.
Him: check them out, think you would like
(30 minutes later)
Me: Checking them out now. I think you were right.

Remember when The Black Keys were big, loud and dirty as hell? When they were still recording in basements and closed down factories? Ever wonder what they would have been like had they not abandoned that sound as they matured?

If so, meet The Owsley Brothers. Coming out of Freeport, Florida this trio of Jerad Reynolds (Guitar/Vocals), BWise (Guitar) and John Tally (Drums) have a sound that seems to possess the groove of the modern Black Keys and the brash noise that made people like them to begin with.

Cobalt is one of those rare albums that had me the instant this huge drum and guitar beat broke into the acoustic intro 0.22 seconds into the opening track. Then, this fat ass keyboard comes in to carry the backbeat and I was fucking sold. From there the album unfolds into 13 tracks of muddy guitars and vocals with enough reverb to make Jesus and Mary Chain jealous, and feedback and drums as big as a Montana sky. With a sometimes indie, sometimes bluesy garage rock and the occasionally straightforward rock and roll sound, Cobalt never gets repetitive but always rocks.

Needless to say, this album is the latest entry into the Essential Listening club. Check it out:

The Owsley Brothers – Hot Mess
The Owsley Brothers – Crooked Path
The Owsley Brothers – Cold Cold Blood

The Owsley Brothers’ Official Site, The Owsley Brothers on Facebook, Buy Cobalt