What do I say about Harder Than A Hammered Hell? Do I say that the rest of the year is competing for 4 spots ‘cause Harder Than A Hammered Hell is guaranteed to be in my Top 5? Or do I say it’s Essential Listening for your soul, like I did with the Willy Tea Taylor album? Do I say that between this album and his last, Joe Hill’s Ashes, Otis has written more substantial, timeless and quality songs than some of the more popular artists in this little scene of ours ever will? All of those things are completely true but when I really think about this album, the thing I really wanna drive across is its wholeness. There is a completeness and deliberateness to the album that deserves to be recognized beyond some trite “all killer no filler” throw away line. This is an album where I don’t just “never skip a track”. It’s an album that I am an active listener during every one of it’s 11 songs. Harder Than A Hammered Hell makes me wanna be a better (less judgemental/cynical) observer of the life and lives around me, and that’s what I really wanted to say about this album.

You should listen to it. You should listen to all of his albums. Right now.

Otis Gibbs – Christ Number 3
Otis Gibbs – Land Of Maybe
Otis Gibbs – Made To Break

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  1. What a great album. It will be in my top albums of the year for sure. I got a pre order of the CD from Otis a month or so ago and it didn’t leave my car CD player until last week. Not a bad song on it.

    I don’t even fish but Big Whiskers is the best fishing song I might have ever heard.

  2. Big Whiskers is a very cool song, anybody else hear Cash’s “A Boy Named Sue” in it? A very good cd.

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