Nov 142012

Jamey Johnson – Living For A Song (A Tribute To Hank Cochran): What was the point?

Jamey Johnson – I Fall To Pieces

Autopsy IV

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  1. woah there fella. what do you mean “what was the point”. . that’s a damn good album. it’s got Merle Haggard in it for gods sake!

    ….. or am i totally missing something? :o

  2. What was the point?
    There’s nothing fresh about his take on the songs.
    Just Jamey covering Hank.
    16 times.
    No thanks.

    • yeah, it’s a tribute. i mean, what was he supposed to do, hire Slash to throw in some tasty licks on “Make The World Go Away”?

      The way i see it, he’s doing Hank justice. There are a TON of living JJ fans out there today, not many Hank fans. . and the ones that are alive probably don’t have wifi or itunes at their nursing home. He’s bringing light to classic songs that have recently been forgotten by many and bringing them to a new generation with some kick ass guest singers.

      and making some sweet dough off of it too :D

      am i defending JJ too much? maybe. . . will i stand down? NEVER!!!!

  3. To pay tribute to one of the greatest country songwriters of all time. I think the album title answers the question. Nothing spectacular, but I think a solid country album.

  4. If anything hopefully it will enlighten a few mainstream country fans. The people at Savingcountrymusic can probably relate to that. But other than that, if I’m going to listen to a Hank song, I’m going to listen to the original–not JJ.

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