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On Tragedy and Friends through Music

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This is what I woke up to this morning.

This was the first indication to me that something had gone horribly wrong while I slept.

I was immediately filled with relief that my friend Larry was safe, about a millisecond later came sinking dread because if Larry was marked as safe that meant someone else wasn’t.

I don’t want to talk about the horror in Orlando. Partly because this just isn’t the place for those kinds of things but also because I just can’t put myself through that right now. I do want to talk about something else though. I want to talk about friendship and love. Because waking up to seeing Larry’s little picture and designation of being safe reminded me of how many friends I have all over the place because of music. Larry and I met two years ago while he was touring with Matt Woods. He dragged his Florida ass all over the country and ended up out here in California. I got to spend a few days with Larry. He is good people. And I only know him because of music.

I believe it was Autopsy IV that introduced me to the idea of “friends through music” right on this very page. It’s a concept that deserved a name. It’s something very dear to me.

Like many of you music is my primary hobby/passion/reason for living. One of the greatest parts of that is all of the amazing people I get to meet because of music. When I look through my friends list on Facebook I see people living all of the country (all over the world even) that I never would have met without music. Some of them are musicians I’ve had the pleasure of seeing when they toured through my little corner of California, some of them are people got to know because we love the same bands. Some of them are people I have never met but we have this thing, this incredibly important thing, in common. All of them are just as important to me as the music that has brought us all together.

I took a trip south last year to see the Dexateens. While there I met up with Nick who was in the process of moving from Santa Barbara to New Jersey. I had lunch with Nashville resident Todd who I first met in Portland. I met Scott (also from New Jersey), Justin (from Alabama) and Bryan (from Florida) all of whom I had “known” online for some time. The next night in Birmingham I ran into my friend Haley from Georgia who I first met in Denver, Colorado. All because of music. For a relatively socially awkward guy from the middle of California that is pretty incredible.

I never made it to any of the large gatherings that people in our scene (forgive the term, I think it’s accurate) participate in. I missed all of the Suburban Home Anniversary parties and I haven’t made it to a Holiday Hangout or a Lucero Block Party yet, I will someday. Every time those things I happen I marvel at the lineups and I check out the videos posted of bands playing. More than that though I see friends in pictures hanging out with each other. It brings me such joy to see all of those people together in the same space. it’s a special thing we have, perhaps unique to our time. This ability to find each other and interact in meaningful ways despite the physical distance between us. This ability to come together with our fellow travelers in music is something that should never be taken for granted.

I’m so grateful to be a part of a community built on the joy of music with all of you people. I truly care about, love and wish the best for all of my friends through music, even the ones I haven’t met in person or maybe have’t even talked with. Thank you all for being such a great community of people, with excellent taste in music. Thank you for making me feel less alone in this big ole world. Be well. Like the man said “All we have is each other”

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  1. willy willy
    June 13, 2016    

    thanks for writing this…

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