One of my favorite things about running ninebullets is when readers contact me about bands I’ve never heard of. Such is the case with Olin & The Moon. Fellow Lucero message board reader JacksonDavis originally tossed one of their songs on a Lucero message board comp. I really liked the track and reached out to the band but it was when Jackson finally got me all zipped up with 40 Miles Of Bad Road that I finally sat down and gave the band my, much deserved, undivided attention.

Olin and The Moon consists of of brothers Travis and David LaBrel, Marshall Vore and Erica Wheeler. They formed in Sun Valley, Idaho sometime around 2006 but relocated to Los Angeles in 2007 where they recorded and self-released their self-titled debut cd. I have no idea when 40 Miles Of Bad Road will be coming out but when it does you should make a point to get it.  I bet you could reach out to the band via their myspace site and they’d be more than happy to let you know. Till then you’ll have to trust me that this little gem of a Neil Young meets indie pop band’s cd is Essential Listening.

Olin & The Moon – Call Me Up
Olin & The Moon – The Worst Is On It’s Way
Olin & The Moon – Hello Goodbye

Olin & The Moon on myspace, Buy Olin & The Moon’s debut cd

11 thoughts on “OLIN AND THE MOON – 40 MILES OF BAD ROAD”

  1. just if anyone wants to note….

    it is brothers dave and travis.. marshall vore… and now kyle and brian.
    for the record.

    they are acually the same person…. almost like a super hero.

    super drunk hero!

  2. For the record I was the one who submitted them for the comp and connected them with JD…but that’s okay I’m used to dudes totally takin’ credit for my awesomeness ; )

  3. are the mp3 links working for anyone else? they just make a buzz when I click on them, same with they come up on Hype Machine or Project Playlist linked through nine bullets

  4. I will offer up the entire album for download after this weekend. The band wants to get it out to be heard and I have been slacking on the free link. Great review AIV and thank you Maggie for discovering these boys.

  5. I am really looking forward to downloading this album this week. These three songs really drew me in. Thanks for posting about these guys.

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