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For many a person, Old Crow Medicine Show was their first introduction to that “traditional string band music” sound. There are worst first dates. Just think, the kids today are getting their cherry popped by The Avett Brothers or Mumford and Sons, both of which will probably release 3 more albums before Old Crow’s next one.

Old Crow seems to average an album every 3 to 4 years, and a lot has changed in the interim between Tennessee Pusher and Carry Me Away. Out is fan fave and familiar voice Willie Watson, and back in is former fan fave and familiar voice Critter Fuqua. Also out is newbie (to Old Crow) producer and not so fan favorite Don Was.

I don’t know the backstory, so I don’t know if the band hired Don or if the band was assigned Don for the recording of their last album, Tennessee Pusher, but I do know that the split was a good decision. There wasn’t anything wrong with Tennessee Pusher…per se. Hell, we even gave it a tepid endorsement. Full disclosure, giving Tennessee Pusher the Essential Listening label may have been more about wanting to love, rather than actually loving, the album. With Don came a highly polished sound which left the building with him. Needless to say, if Tennessee Pusher left you wanting less wine and more whiskey, soundwise, expect to be happier with Carry Me Back.

I, for one, am really happy with the return to a more raw sound. I’ve already listened to this album more times than I listened to Tennessee Pusher and I’m calling it Essential Listening even if the band over-affects their accents and wrote “Wagon Wheel”.

Old Crow Medicine Show - Bootlegger's Boy     

Old Crow Medicine Show - We Don't Grow Tobacco     

Old Crow Medicine Show - Levi     

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  1. Mike Ostrov Mike Ostrov
    September 12, 2012    

    I don’t think it’s kosher to hold the drunken karaoke versions of “Wagon Wheel” against OCMS. It’s a great song–it was a great song before the hype because it’s a great song period. It’s not like they drag frat boys and people wearing blake shelton shirts on stage at every show and sing the song with them. Their tour bus isn’t full of backward baseball hats. A lot of fans don’t “get” the bands they listen to. But for most bands, that’s a small part of their audience. The default stance one has to take is that one can’t blame a band for their fans. Unless the band goes out of its way to endorse them. Just like you can’t blame a politician for his endorsers unless he specifically touts them–like Mitt Romney and Donald Trump. And Mitt Romney and Dr. John C. Willke.

  2. AdHoff AdHoff
    September 12, 2012    

    I tend to agree with Mike’s comment…I like “Wagon Wheel.” Yes, it is overplayed, but not due to OCMS playing it on Letterman or Leno every other week. AIV mentioned the over-the-top accents and I agree. I kind of give them a pass this time because I enjoy this album so much more than Tennessee Pusher. Sounds more like the band I enjoyed seeing in the Ryman a few times.

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