We’ve been all things Lydia round ninebullets here lately. We posted a video of Micah performing it acoustically and then we posted a video of Micah explaining the inspiration of the song so it makes perfect sense that we’d be the one’s to debut the official Lydia video.

Sweet Saint Me will be released on October 26th and the band will be playing here in Tampa on October 11 at New World Brewery.

Two Cow Garage “Lydia” Official Video from Virgil Dickerson on Vimeo.


  1. It’s not working. I even tried it from the vimeo site and no luck. Boo. They look so cute all dressed up.

  2. this video is the result of the diligent hard work and talent of Michael Butcher. he is for some reason not credited for the creation of this video.

  3. Is the New World show on the 11th a definite? I only see the Orlando and Gainesville dates on their schedule right now.

  4. I hate to be the lone voice of dissent but as someone that “likes” Two Cow but doesn’t “love” them, I thought the video was terrible. Black clothes with white tie? Ugh. I know the 80s are back, but really? I realize that the dressing up was done kind of tongue-in-cheek and so many diehards will find that amusing, but someone seeing Two Cow for the first time would probably respond with “WTF?” Song’s OK, not even close to their best IMO.

  5. Everyone’s entitled to opinions and I tend top agree with AdHoff. This video does not do the band justice. The video looks like it was shot and edited by high school kids for their a/v class.

    Shane’s suit is bad ass.

  6. I agree that everyone is entitled to their opinions, but understand that this video was put together on a shoe-string budget (pretty much free); while it would have been nice to have a budget to do the video, we didn’t really have it.

    While I agree that this isn’t Two Cow’s best song (I like 4 songs on the album more than Lydia), the guys in the band really wanted this to be their single; Ultimately, the band gets their say. I do like this song a lot but when people get around to digesting the album, they are going to be blown away….big time.

  7. That was awesome, I love the song and the video was sick! The guys look great, and Lydia was amazing! More More More

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