There are only 2 or 3 shows a day I mark as “must see” when I go out to Austin for SxSW, and of those 2 or 3 they’re typically never bands that tour Florida. O’death defies both odds. O’death is one of those bands that, given the chance, I am gonna see them live. They’re just that good and past experience tells me I am gonna walk away happy and musically inspired.

That said, we’re here to talk about a new cd, not the band’s live show.

In typical ninebullets.net fashion, we’re writing about a much awaited album weeks after it’s release and it’s next to impossible to say anything new about this album, so instead I’ll tell you how I feel about the record while leaving the journalism to other writers…

When the band released “Bugs” as the lead single I both rejoiced and worried a little. I mean, I really like the song and with further listens I grew to love it. It was a great song, but it was also really different from O’Death’s “typical” sound. And while I liked the song, an album of that sound was probably gonna fall outside my taste radar. I almost chuckle now, as I write that, ‘cause now, after repeated listens, I don’t hear any of the stuff that made me uncomfortable in the first place. That said, Outside is a departure of sorts from the O’Death we’ve grown to love. Well not really a departure per se, but from Head Home to now the band has moved on a pretty linear path sonically. All the chaos and noise that was Head Home. and to a lesser extent Broken Hymns, Limbs and Skin, has been reeled in on Outside. The songs (and this could just be my perception) on Outside sound more deliberate, more focused and feel more sinister. It’s like O’Death is is the only exit on the Southbound interstate between Slim Cessna’s Auto Club and The Builders and The Butchers, and for ninebullets that highway is called Interstate Essential Listening.

O’Death – Bugs
O’Death – Howling Through
O’Death – Ghost Head

O’Death’s Official Site, O’Death on Facebook, Buy Outside

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  1. This has to be one of my favorite albums of the year, thus far. It certainly does have a different feel to it than their other albums, as it is not nearly as raucous (gone are most of the frenzied vocals). It is much more akin to Blood Warrior, a gospel/folk band that Greg Jamie formed with his wife during O’death’s hiatus. If you have not listened to them yet, I highly recommend you give their self-titled album a listen. It was one of my favorite albums last year.

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