O'Death – Head Home

I do not know what the term “freak folk” really means, but it should be defined in a way to include these boys from Brooklyn.

I am a huge fan of O’Death. I would have written about them a long time ago, but they were getting so much hype on bigger blogs that I just didn’t see the point. Then, a topic on a message board brought home the fact that just because someone reads ninebullets does not mean they also read the bigger blogs. They are right, and since their last effort “Head Home” recently got reissued via the Ernest Jenning Record Company, I figured this was as good a time as any.

Trying to describe O’Death’s music can be difficult. Imagine an Appalachian (GO MOUNTAINEERS!) country garage band deciding to do punk rock, but instead they are from New York. That is a pretty poor description, I know, but I feel it might get pretty close. Greg Jamie delivers these songs with the hellfire-n-brimstone passion of a Southern Baptist preacher man, and sometimes the tracks can swell to the excitement levels of an August tent revival. ‘From New York City’…that part seems to be a big hang up for some critics out there. Appalachian jug band folk music from a buncha kids in Brooklyn? SHENANIGANS! It must be contrived. I say, who gives a flying fuck? In the end, it’s about the music they’re making, and if it’s good, then who fucking cares what they are doing in their off time?

So, is it good? Yes. It’s fucking awesome. It’s “you gotta hear this now” good, which many a friend and their auto cd player can attest to. It’s also Essential Listening.

As good as their cd is, their live show is where it’s at. Now, living in Florida, I’ve never actually gotten to see O’Death live, but I have a friend in North Carolina who taped a show for me and mailed it my way. Lemme just say, next time these kids play Atlanta on a weekend, I’m making the 8 hour road trip. If you are lucky enough to live in these guys’ path, make your way out to see ’em.

O’Death – O Lee O
O’Death – Adelita
O’Death – Only Daughter

O’death’s Official Site, O’Death on Myspace, Buy Head Home

Here is a video of O’Death performing “Nathaniel” in New York City!

Here is an video from SxSW: