Honestly, I hate getting too hyped on an album.  Inevitably, if you let your hopes get too high you’ll be let down by something. Sometimes unfamiliarity will be the culprit, but with any luck that’ll fade with multiple listens, and love will fill the void it leaves. In other cases, such as A Blessing And A Curse by The Drive-By Truckers, you’ll eventually have to admit to yourself that it’s just a dud of an album. So with this in mind I tried to keep my hopes under control when I saw that O’Death had a new album coming out. With two stellar albums behind them and having recently caught the awesomeness that was their live show, it was a futile effort.

When I got the new O’Death album, Broken Hymns, Limbs and Skin, my hopes were through the roof, and it took less than one listen to know I was gonna love this album. My hopes weren’t just met, they were met, exceeded, lapped and then chastised for being insultingly low. Yes, the Appalachian freak-folk meets wartime and punk rock act that is O’Death is back with a new label and a new album, and it is absolutely amazing. It has all the hellfire, brimstone and spit you’ve come to expect from an O’death record, but with a greatly increased production value. Worry not, though, the increased production quality did not gloss over that ragged wild-child spirit at all. It’s just allowing some of the soul and depth these kids possess to peek through.

What I am saying is believe the hype and get this album. It’s good. It’s “you gotta hear this now” good. It’s also Essential Listening.

O’Death – Low Tide
O’Death – Vacant Moan
O’Death – Angeline

O’death’s Official Site, O’Death on Myspace, Buy Broken Hymns, Limbs and Skin


  1. Dood. I usually like what you post but i cannot get behind this band…and Gravity’s Gone was worth buyin Blessing and a Curse for. Cooley saves the day yet again.

  2. yeah.
    i could see how this band wouldn’t necessarily appeal to everyone…but I love ’em.

    and you’re right, Gravity’s Gone is *the only* bright spot on ABAAC….I tell people to buy it off iTunes.

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