Sorry for missing yesterday. Things around work got interesting and I just didn’t have time (or the courage to risk getting caught) to post to ninebullets. Anyhow, a really awesome piece of news. In addition to doing my weekly stint on Ninebullets Radio this week I will also be acting as a guest host from 12-2pm on Friday for the “It’s The Music” show. So, if you get a chance you should check it out.

Also! On Friday night I’m bringing Shane Sweeney (Two Cow Garage), Branden Barnett (Ghost Shirt), Kent Goolsby (The Only Sons) and Devon Stuart (The Snakehealers / The Takers) to downtown St. Pete for a FREE show. If you live in the area you need to get your ass out to this show (All information can be found here).

The other day this video landed in my inbox and I’ve been meaning to share it ever since. I love all things Joe Pug and this video is basically video snap shots of the past year since the release of his 2010 effort, Messenger. Not to mention a fucking awesome song. Check it out:

And finally, the newest Feel Bad For You mixtape has come out. Unfortunately, work was too strange this month and I forgot to send a song in but it somehow manages to be awesome despite my absence:

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  1. Great version of the song, is there an entire electric album? I’ve only heard the acoustic stuff (which is also great). Also, I saw this shitty strip-mall / sports bar from my town in the video, way to represent…

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