North Mississippi Allstars – Hernando

Hernando, named after the town the band grew up in, marks the first studio release on the band’s own label, Sounds of the South Records. Enlisting their father (Jim Dickinson) to produce Hernando, the Dickinson brothers (Luther and Cody) and bassist Chris Chew holed up in Jim’s studio, “The Barn”, for the better part of a month and emerged with their best effort since 51 Phantom. As Luther Dickinson put it, “This record stands alone…we don’t draw as much on our Hill Country roots. We’re a blues rock band and set out to make a blues rock record.” I think it is their most focused, energetic and enjoyable album in years. NMA the way they were supposed to be, this is Essential Listening to be sure.

North Mississippi Allstars – Shake
North Mississippi Allstars – Keep The Devil Down
North Mississippi Allstars – Blow Out

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4 thoughts on “North Mississippi Allstars – Hernando”

  1. I liked “shake” the first time i heard it…when it was called “every other song NMAS have ever recorded.”

    love these guys and Luther is a singular 6 string talent but to say their songwriting leaves something to be desired is an understatement.

    now the Crowes feat. Luther? THAT has me stoked.

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