I didn’t even know he was sick but apparently Jeff had been in pretty bad shape for the better part of a year. I quote:

Last year, Healey had surgery to remove the cancer from his legs, and later from both lungs. He also underwent radiation treatment and chemotherapy.

Jeff has passed away on the eve of his latest album’s release entitled Mess of Blues. Hopefully Jeff will find some rest now.

Jeff Healey – Angel Eyes

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  1. Its a shame when you hear anyone has passed away, but when someone this talented does it kind of has a deeper affect.
    Nice tribute.

  2. The guy from the best worst movie ever “Roadhouse”? He was the leader of the house band. Maybe it was the worst best movie ever, I can’t be sure. That’s a shame that he passed away, poor guy. TNT and Spike will keep his legacy alive forever.

  3. Sure you knew he was sick. I brought it up like five months ago.

    Anyway, yeah, great guy. His website is worth a read. Very interesting man and a sad loss for the world.

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