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Well, I figured if you are gonna have a blog about music then come the month of December you have to post a list. I am sure it is rule #5 in the blogger rule book and who am I to break the rules? So here is my list. I am unable to do the typical top 5, 10 whatever of the year. I was gonna try that but the inability to settle was far to stressful so I decided to just list the best in some randomly chosen topics. Earlier this week I posted about what I thought was the best hip-hop cd of the year and below is the rest of my list. You probably disagree with it and I probably would not blame you. So, without further delay…here is my list:

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Album of 2006: Lucero – Rebels, Rouges & Sworn Brothers

Man. There are not enough good things I can say about this CD. With this release, Lucero introduced some new sounds in the studio and it just put them over the top. I have posted a considerable amount of topics involving this band since ninebullets came into existence and I imagine I’ll post a lot more in the year to come. It had always been a close second for Lucero in my “favorite band” column but with the releases of 2006 I think the boys took a step over The Drive-By Trucker’s and claimed that spot in my music world. As I said before about the new album: “I was going to write a real review of the CD but every time I start one I can only write “fucking great. the end” and really, that is not much of a review.”  and that is why they get my trophy for Album of 2006. Keep writing them sad songs guys and I’ll keep raising a glass of whiskey and singing along.

Lucero – On the Way Back Home

Best Concert Line-up of the year:
Lucero/Drive-By Truckers @ The Alabama Theater

My two favorite bands on the planet on the same bill. Holy freaking crap! This could have easily been the concert of the year if it would not have been for the assigned seating. The sound was awesome and the venue was beautiful. I don’t think either the wife or I will regret this trip. review of the show

Best Concert of the Year: Two Cow Garage @ New World Brewery

I have been a fan of these guys for quite some time. I could not believe they actually came to Tampa and yet, there they were. I had listened to their albums…read reviews of their shows. I was not ready. I had no idea. These guys just fucking exploded. From 0 to 190 in 2 riffs. In a basically empty house to boot. 100% rock star in these guys, if they come to your town DO NOT miss the show. Trust me on this one. review of the show

Band I am most happy to have found this year: 2 way tie: O’Death and Drag the River

I have found and been turned onto a lot of *really* good music this year but these two stand out above the rest. I seriously feel like an asshole in regards to Drag the River since they have been the opening act @ 2 shows I went to and I just sat out front and drank instead of going and checking them out. Color me the dummy but the mistake has been corrected and I am in love with ’em.

Drag the River – The Cause and The Cure

Fucking O’Death ….I dunno what to say. Pitchfork hates them and that’s always a good sign. I have a bootleg live DVD of these fellas and I watch it monthly probably. Freaky Appalachian mountain music from Brooklyn….how can you go wrong? You can’t….that’s how.

O’Death – Down to Rest

Album that best lived up to the hype this year:
Raconteurs – Broken Boy Soldiers

The CD was talked about for 5 months before it finally saw the shelves. I was a little skeptical in the hype stage due to the fact that I am not really a Brendan Benson fan but man o’ man….I love that CD. Personally, I hope Jack and Brendan abandon their other projects and make The Raconteurs their main focus.

Raconteurs – Together

Movie of the Year:
Little Miss Sunshine

I see a lot of movies. I drink a lot of whiskey. Therefore: I do not remember very much most of the time. Sure, Jackass Number 2 made me laugh harder but from a complete movie….nothing touched Little Miss Sunshine in my opinion. It was funny, touching, and gut wrenching all in one. Great cast, great acting, great story, and gut wrenching phunny’s. Plus, after experiencing the Grandpa character I finally know what I wanna be when I grow up.

Rick James – Superfreak (Rocca Sound Remix)

Reality TV Show of the Year:
Flavor of Love, Season 2

But it’s so stupid.
NO SHIT! It’s reality TV…it’s supposed to be stupid. Well, stupid and entertaining, and Flavor of Love 2 succeeded in both.  Then they brought New York back and everything squared. I ain’t even gonna front…I’ve already got the TIVO set for New York’s show, I Love New York .

TV Show of the Year:
3 way tie….Everybody Hates Chris, My Name is Earl, Dexter

I can’t choose. Everybody Hates Chris is so innocent and cha
rmingly funny, and I love the father character. My Name is Earl is just so fucking funny and
there are 2 super hot chicks. If you are missing either of these shows shame on you. They are both wonderful. Then there is Dexter ….Dexter, Dexter, Dexter. Dexter is a forensic blood splatter analyst for the Miami Police Department slash serial killer but not a heinous killer….he kills the bad guys. It is on Showtime so fewer people are watching, *but* they can get away with a lot more. It is awesome and I am already looking forward to season 2. The Wire may have made this list but I recorded the entire season and have not started watching it yet but I suspect it is as awesome as ever.

The Holy Shit! I can not believe it actually happened award: Hank III – Straight to Hell gets released.

Mike Curb is a complete douche. Court Cases are fought and won depending on which side you are rooting for, and finally the unthinkable happens……ARMAGEDDON!!!!!!111!!!!11!!! Feb.28, 2006 comes and the new Hank III CD actually gets a proper release. If I was making a Top 5 Cd’s of 2006 list this CD would definitely be on it. Recorded on a 500 dollar machine @ home, it is everything III is…brash, high, self-mythologizing and country to the core….oh yeah, and III hates Nashville like McCarthy hated communism….you know, in case you had not heard.

Hank III – Country Heroes

Most disappointing CD of the year: Drive-by Truckers – A Blessing and A Curse

I go through a lot of music. Most Cd’s get 3 listens for me to decide if I like ’em….A Blessing and A Curse got 3 months. For 3 months I tried to convince myself I like this CD. I could not accept that DBT could put out a bad CD but after 3 months the simple fact was that there were only 2 songs on the CD that i liked. Hopefully, this will prove to just be a blip on the radar and the new CD will bring the rock back but I must admit, I am a little worried they are about to go the way of Outkast. Furthermore, my feelings about this cd were validated when they only played 3 songs from the disc at the Thanksgiving show.

Drive-By Truckers – Gravity’s Gone

Most anticipated CD release of 2007:
3 way tie…Patterson Hood & Jason Isbell’s solo releases and the new Two Cow Garage

What? Just cause DBT released a disappointing CD does not mean I am throwing in the towel. I have high, exceedingly high hopes for Jason and Patterson’s solo efforts. And, from what I heard of the new Two Cow at the show it is gonna bring every drop of rock that the latest DBT effort forgot. All 3 are supposed to come out in the first 1/2 of 2007 and I can not wait.

  • You can hear Gravitron and Arson from Two Cow’s upcoming cd on thier myspace site.
  • Patterson has been posting lyrics in the new songs section of his web site.

Most anticipated TV show of 2007:
Rome (season 2)

I would have listed Dexter season 2, but one never can tell when the cable channels will begin their new seasons. So I am going with Rome season 2 on HBO. My wife gets a little aggravated because I have to keep asking questions but season 1 was entertaining as hell, and I got excited when I saw season two was starting in January. I’m also looking forward to a new season of Blow Out and Project Runway . feature I am most looking forward to in 2007:
The Jukebox Chronicles

This is something I am gonna kick up in 2007. I have had the idea for a few months but I wanted the blog to gain a bigger readership before I kicked it off. Basically, every town in every state has a bar with a kick ass jukebox and I wanna chronicle them but not in a directory type fashion…..More on this in 2007 but everyone I talk about it with says it is a really cool idea.

That’s all folks.

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  1. Nice list. Lucero’s “RR&SB” is my #1 of the year. Love Hank III as well… was disappointed by DBT also. Do we have the same brain? My most anticipated for ’07 is the new Son Volt.

    Come visit the forums for similar folks with your tastes – and a fairly cool and definitive “Best of” list soon to be compiled. Cool blog!

  2. Ive got to give a two way tie to DBT and Lucero. I really enjoyed both albums and cant give either one the nod. Just really really got into Lucero b/c of the Alabama Theatre show, amazing no other word to describe these guys. Agree on the most anticipated, Isbell all the way, with Patterson a very close second..

  3. Glad to see I’m not the only one that is interested in how a band treats its new album in a live setting.


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