Wow. Five years and some 1,800 posts ago, I sat at my computer during a lunch hour penning the first post ever on ninebullets. Since that day we’ve made a few more posts, booked a few shows and sold a few tshirts and koozies.

As is tradition here on 9B, there will be no other posts today and I am hoping to leave work early to grab a beer or two in celebration. See, in the world of the internet, 5 years may as well be a friggin’ lifetime and, to be honest, I am feeling pretty proud of this little website today. In the past few months I’ve brought on a collection of new writers. I feel that’s the natural growth process of the site and I think that they’ll help to grow the focus of the site in the year to come.

Anyhow, happy birthday to us and thank you for coming around and check out the site. Hopefully, we’ll be able to turn you on to new tunes for another 5 years.

If you’re feeling up to it and wanna stoke our collective egos, I’d love to hear about a band that we helped turn you onto in the comments section. Otherwise, we’ll be back to regular postings tomorrow.

I raise this beer to all the bands that make doing ninebullets a worthwhile expenditure of our time.

NQ Arbuckle – Happy Birthday

23 thoughts on “NINEBULLETS TURNS 5 TODAY:”

  1. Happy Birthday kid. Out in the garage is your first bike. Don’t forget your helmet.
    I had heard of Two Cow Garage but never listened to them until I started checking 9B. Have Gun Will Travel I found via here but what’s more astounding is when I found band that I didn’t think anyone else was digging on and I looked around and found content here at 9B. Those include The Fox Hunt, William Elliot Whitmore, Joe Pug, and several others. Blow kid blow, those candles ain’t getting put out on their own.

  2. Happy 5th!

    I am pretty sure that your blog turned me onto Drag the River. Don’t know what I ever did without them, and your blog! Here’s to another five!

  3. I stumbled across your site about 4 years ago after reading an article in CL. That same summer I took the first three podcasts and used them as a soundtrack while I drove from FL to WY. The music you introduced me to made that drive one of the best I’ve ever had.

    Thanks, and keep up the good work.

  4. I got an anonymous mix CD in the mail at school that was mostly full with pop country bullshit, but there were a few good tunes I recognized (Wagon Wheel) and some I did not. There were three Lucero tracks from Tennessee on there, and I’d never heard any music like that before. I spent all night on youtube listening to their stuff, and spent the next day between classes looking them up. 9b was one of the first websites to pop up when I googled them and that was it for me as far as music was concerned.

    Before that I didn’t listen to any newer music that could even begin to qualify as country or folk. Now I spend all my money on CDs and whiskey at concerts, motels when I have to drive out of town to see a band and t-shirts when I get there. I had no idea music like this existed before I found 9b.

    Drag the River, Greenland is Melting, The Fox Hunt, Two Cow Garage, Tim Barry, Chuck Ragan, Kill County, and now the Von Erichs, Prison Book Club, Lauderdale, and Arliss Nancy. Hell I just did a search and found the post with the first Suburban Home Records mixtape that got me into Langhorne Slim.

    I’m really excited for the new writers because that means more music to try out, and here’s to another five years of spreading the gospel.

  5. You may say it’s our site too Brian but you drove it to where it is today and you chose those of us who have the honor of being staff around here so the beer I am having with lunch is for you! On a side note I nnever noticed the site’s birfday is the same as my anniversary.

  6. Happy 5th & many thanks for putting me on to some great bands that otherwise may have passed me by namely Black Joe Lewis,Leroy Powell,The Dead Exs,Hollowbelly,Jim Dead,SCAC,Kasey Anderson,The Only Sons & the excellent J Roddy Walston and the Business!!! Cheers & here’s to many more.

  7. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Nice cake and candles). This website has turned me on to many bands that I would not have heard of otherwise. In particular, The Takers rank up at the top for bands that I would probably never heard of in this neck of the woods. It is also great that you have shed some light on The Fox Hunt since they are from right around the corner from me. Keep up the good work. Thanks again.

  8. I remember my first visit – I stumbled on this corner of the internet through a google search before Sweet Saint Me was released and saw the video of Micah singing Lydia. Now ninebullets is a daily visit and it has made me a better music listener, whiskey drinker, lover, and I like FSU more now.

    I know I was introduced to Matt Woods through 9B. More recently HGWT and Lauderdale. Thanks and keep up the great work.

  9. Happpy bday brother.. The list would go on for a ridiculous amount of time so ill just say a few.. TCG, Drag, Quinlan, Have Gun, Builders and the Butchers.. you get the gist!! Heres to many many more! Thanks and Cheers!

  10. Hard to think of a band I’ve come across in the last three years that hasn’t been 9B inspired. Got turned on to Lucero, Chris Knight, and DBT in Iraq in 2007 and stumbled across y’all while trying to find out more about all three. Since then it’s just been one “what a fucking awesome song!” moment after another-really appreciate it. Really digging The Horrible Crowes and Lauderdale right now; among them I discovered Jason Isbell (& the 400 unit, I probably listened to Codeine about 20 times in a row), Slobberbone, Wrinkle Neck Mules, Grayson Capps, and The Devil Makes Three through 9B. Awesome run, looking forward to the next 5 years!!

  11. I know for sure that I first heard Glossary, Have Gun Will Travel, and the Takers here. Happy Birthday!!
    Keep up the good work.

  12. Happy birthday 9B! Just a few of the bands I now love, and would have never listened to without this website are: Two Cow Garage (now one of my top 3 favorites), Have Gun Will Travel, The Takers, I Can Lick…and I’m sure there are others.

  13. Happy Birthday!
    I found this site through a totally shitty website that had your link(not IBWIP). I already knew about a lot of the bands from a buddy who was way into Miles Of Music. Only found this site 6 months ago and it has been the”Shut The Front Door” experience of other people know about this shit to wow.
    Ok here it is
    Thank you so much for what you do Brian its appreciated don’t ever doubt that

  14. happy birthday ninebullets! thanks for sharing so much great music with me, it’s very appreciated.

  15. I would say I never post, but I’m pretty sure I have. (a koozy may have something to do with that, not 9B branded I’m afraid, but a Paddy’s Pub, PA edition. The next best thing, I’m sure; Wildcard, bitches!).

    Anyway, I became aware of your site about a year ago whilst searching for info on Scott Biram and the BDH and have become a devoted listener/reader ever since.

    Congratulations on five years and I hope you realise that these comments will only represent a small portion of those who appreciate what you do!


    PS. if you ever want any Scottish beer sent your way, hit me up.

  16. This site has actually turned me on to a lot of really good music, but two of the bands that really stick out are Possessed by Paul James and American Graveyard. Keep up the good work and here is to another 5! CHEERS!

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