The Beatles – Birthday

Four years ago today I sat down in front of my computer with a vague idea of what a blog was and what I wanted to do and started typing. Since then, the site has matured and changed quite a bit. Some of the changes have been good. Some of them have been bad.

A couple of weeks ago I was going through the site’s archives trying to get a decent gauge on where the site’s been and the direction it’s going when something occurred to me. Here in the past year and a half or so it seems the site has started to take on a more “journalistic” voice. Gone is a lot of the wild abandon and gushing love for bands and music, and in it’s place has moved a more restrained and tempered analysis. This change has been met with an amazing growth in traffic, but as I thought about it, it’s not a change I am comfortable with. So to you, the 9B readership, I apologize. I almost forgot that 9B’s motto is Music, Booze and Tacos not Analytical, Critical, Music Journalism. So I am gonna make a concerted effort to bring back the enthusiasm and the “joy of finding new bands I like” voice and if it results in a decline of traffic then so be it.

So, as has become a tradition on the site for every birthday there will be no other posts. We take the day off and drink booze while you guys tell us how awesome we are in the comments. Okay, I made the last part of that up, but we really are taking the day off to drink.

However! Before we roll out…..Last year I said, “and I swear to god that next year’s birthday is gonna be met with a concert here in St. Pete.” Being a man of my word, on October 9th at Cafe’ Bohemia here in St. Petersburg there will be a celebration (read: getting drunk) in the form of the Official 4th Anniversary Party. The party will feature music from; Matt Woods, Pete Stein (Truckstop Coffee), Devon Vlasin (The Takers), Chase 56, The Only Sons, Nessie, The Pack A.D., Will Quinlan & The Diviners and Have Gun Will Travel. It promises to be a pretty epic night full of music, booze and maybe even some tacos. The show will be all ages and will be over early enough to get any youngsters in bed before the real crazy begins. Tickets for the show will cost 8 dollars in advance and 10 dollars day of.

If you’re interested in buying a ticket I’m including a link below. All advance ticket purchases will be held at Will Call at the door. I’ve also included an “I can’t come but here’s some money for the bands” option in case anyone wants to donate to the show. I’m pretty far extended on this thing and am beginning to worry that I’m gonna loseWeight Exercise my ass. Anyhow, here’s the button:


See y’all tomorrow!


  1. I can’t believe it’s been four years since you announced this joint over at he Lucero forums! I know I write the occasional piece but damn bro, congrats and stuff!

    And BTW you may have something resembling tacos back there but they ain’t got nothin’ on the tacos ’round these parts! Wish I could make it out for the party…

  2. Happy birthday, thanks for writing the best blog out there.
    And thanks for this:
    ” So I am gonna make a concerted effort to bring back the enthusiasm and the “joy of finding new bands I like” voice and if it results in a decline of traffic then so be it.”

    That’s what brought me to this blog in the first place, and in turn made me discover a lot of brilliant music – AND made me start looking for new bands on my own. AND made me start my own blog on the same subject.

    I’m at the wrong continent, but sent some money to help pay the bands! Have a brilliant show that night, and be sure to post video from it.

  3. Nine Bullets has introduced me to more and better music than any other blog and I’m grateful for that everytime I put on, say The Fox Hunt or Otis Gibbs (which is very, very often). Being in Germany I depend on blogs like 9B to introduce me to some of the more unknown and local bands in the US.

    And though I’m far from complaining about the last year (not at all) I salute the mentioned plans to get back to “Music, Booze and Tacos”!!! There are plenty of Americana-related blogs and many are quite good, actually, but 9B has always stuck out to me for being more personal and more interesting than the rest.

    Happy Birthday, 9B!
    And have a great party!


  4. I guess I have fallen victim to the more journalistic bent. In fact there’s a been a couple I can think of off the top of my head that I wanted to rant on about and just go off and I reigned it in and went with a more subdued angle. It’s almost like a virus to some degree. I sit there thinking “how do I make this sound professional” instead of just writing what I think. I am glad AIV brought it up because I didn’t see it until he mentioned it. Unless the idea of cutting loose, again, involves less writers I can promise I’ll drop the journalist slant and get back to just loving music and doing out loud and often!

  5. I’ve been reading for less than a year and I’ve already stumbled upon several new bands. Being from georgia, I picked up the Chase56 cd after reading about it. Its pretty good. I saw ’em live last Friday and I gotta tell ya they sound much better in person. They remind you of a SRO or maybe even Decoration Day, Truckers. Its much more rock and they even throw in a few covers. They did a balls to the wall version of Petty’s Runnin’ down a Dream. They won’t disappoint. Thanks-

  6. you know that you will always have a super fan in Denver. Suburban Home loves you guys and look forward to another 4 (hopefully we will be around for that, too). Love drinking and hanging out with you and would love to be out there for your party. Maybe next year! Congratulations.

  7. Congrats gents, I’ve found a lot of great music courtesy of this site and your efforts. It’s appreciated.

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