It’s time for a new ninebullets podcast. Immediately you might notice that I’ve stopped naming these by the month they were released and going with the more common numbering of the episodes. I am doing this cause I’ve not been so swell at getting these out monthly so I thought going to the numbering system would work better. This will also enable me to do more than one in a month should the opportunity to do that arise.

With that said, let’s talk about the new show. Following in the footsteps of the radio show 2 weeks ago I decided to do a “some of the best of the first ½ of 2011” show that would feature some of the songs that I didn’t get to on Ninebullets Radio. The show features a track from Shane Sweeny’s upcoming solo album, The Finding Time as well as tracks from two heavily anticipated albums from the likes of Gillian Welch and William Elliott Whitmore. The show is rounded out with awesome songs from 9B faves such as Austin Lucas, Slim Cessna’s Auto Club, Grayson Capps, Frank Turner, Jason Isbell as well as new found fave Damion Suomi.

As always, if you like what you’re hearing on these podcasts, tell your friends about it. Post about it on your Facebook wall. Tweet about it. These bands are all pretty small so every new ear their music find counts, and you can directly assist them in that effort by telling people about this podcast and others like it. Now….on to the tunes:

Track Listing:

01. Jami Lynn – SweetThing
02. Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside – Poison Milk
03. Autopsy IV Commentary
04. Damion Suomi – Ghost
05. Gillian Welch – That’s The Way It Goes
06. Jason Isbell – Codeine
07. Autopsy IV Commentary
08. Slim Cessna’s Auto Club – Three Bloodhounds Two Shepherds One Fila Brasileiro
09. William Elliott Whitmore – Bury Your Burdens In The Ground
10. Chet O’Keefe – Game Bird
11. Grayson Capps – Rock N Roll
12. Autopsy IV Commentary
13. Shane Sweeny – When I Am Empty
14. Austin Lucas – Sleep Well
15. Autopsy IV Commentary
16. Frank Turner – I Still Believe

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  1. Radio or podcast your mixes are getting better and better everytime I listen. Doing theme’s like best of the year so far is damn genius. By the time you got to “Game Bird” I had to stop and just thank you. Keep up the superior work.

    St. Pete

  2. Same thing here – we all appreciate the hell out of what you do, I’ve been out of town and have been listening through the last radio shows / podcasts. Bunch of great fuckin music, new and old – keep up the good work & thanks again

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