Welcome to the November version of the podcast. This month, since it’s Thanksgiving, I decided to do an all Florida version as an homage to the bands that play week in and week out in my home state. You know, the bands we can see so often we take them for granted. Passing up their shows for whatever the current buzz band coming through town that weekend is, with the fleeting promise that you’ll catch their show next weekend. Well this month, on ninebullets, is their show. Thanks for all the drunken nights y’all have given us this year, and I look forward to more of it in the coming year.

In keeping with the Florida theme I reached out to Cigar City Brewing to sponsor this month’s show. They agreed and gave me IPA, Mocha Cubano, Brown Ale, Imperial Stout and some others. The idea was to drink them while I did the podcast like I did last month, but once we opened the first growler I knew that wasn’t gonna happen. While I took the entire month to work through the Rogue beers, we put down all of the Cigar City beer in two days. If you live in the Tampa area you should get over to their brewery and buy you some. Trust me, I’m a professional.

There is also a ton of free stuff for you listeners wrapped inside this month’s podcast. We have free cds from Have Gun Will Travel, Greenland Is Melting and Chuck Ragan. We also have a vinyl copy of The Takers album and a beautiful 7″ picture disc from Chuck Ragan. To find out how to win this stuff you’re gonna have to actually listen to the show.

That’s it. I hope y’all enjoy listening to this show as much as I did making it. I think it turned out really well and I am proud of it, as well as the bands that are featured in it. Do me a favor though, if you listen and you enjoy the show, please tell other people about it.

Thanks, everyone. ~Autopsy IV (web / twitter / facebook)


  1. Mofro – Florida (Jacksonville) [00.00.00]
  2. Autopsy IV Talking (St. Petersburg) [00.04.06]
  3. Truckstop Coffee – US-29 (Lake Worth) [00.05.18]
  4. The Takers – St. Johns Son (Gainesville) [00.08.54]
  5. Have Gun Will Travel – Soles Of Our Shoes (Bradenton) [00.11.49]
  6. Autopsy IV Talking (St. Petersburg) [00.14.50]
  7. Will Quinlan & The Diviners – Plastic Rosary (Tampa) [00.16.11]
  8. Rebekah Pulley & the Reluctant Prophets – A Lot of Nothing (Tampa) [00.20.33]
  9. Jim Morey Band – Anything For Adventure (Tampa) [00.23.43]
  10. Autopsy IV Talking (St. Petersburg) [00.27.28]
  11. Greenland Is Melting – No More Sorry Songs (Gainesville) [00.32.07]
  12. Roppongi’s Ace – 1955 (Tampa) [00.35.07]
  13. Brahm Bones – Canoe (Tampa) [00.39.12]
  14. Tom Petty – The Last DJ (Gainesville) [00.43.06]
  15. Autopsy IV Talking (St. Petersburg) [00.46.33]
  16. Lynyrd Skynyrd – The Ballad Of Curtis Lowe (Jacksonville) [00.48.58]
  17. Ben Prestage – Sloppy Drunk (Everglades) [00.53.43]
  18. The Nine Volts – Carolina Soon (Orlando) [00.56.40]
  19. Autopsy IV Talking (St. Petersburg) [01.01.13]
  20. Chuck Ragan – Rotterdam (Gainesville) [01.03.20]

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  1. I love how people from Alabama don’t like to admit that Skynyrd’s from Florida. I don’t think I knew it until college. Of course my Dad still swears he went to high school in AL with Dickey Betts from the Allmans so maybe it’s an Alabama thing.

    This is a really great podcast. Who knew so much good shit came outta Florida?

    And thanks for teasing us with good beer we can’t get without driving 10 or so hours!

  2. heh heh. I think everyone in Florida knows someone who “went to school with Ronnie”.

    as for the beer. I’ll be up ATL way one day. I’ll bring some with.

  3. Very nice. I feel bad we haven’t had a Florida band up to DBF yet. We’ll try to fix that this year. Ben would be a good one for sure.

    Looking forward to next month’s best of the year. Hope some Deep Blues bands make the cut.

    Thanks for what you do.

  4. Well when you come up you’d better have a least three days free to hit all the best spots! That or plan on really looong days of drinking.

  5. Having been born and raised here, I’m pretty vocal about being bored and done with FL. That said, I’ve always been amazed by the amount of great music produced in this state and I’m immensely proud to play a small role in it and have the opportunity to get to know guys like Quinlan, HGWT, The Takers, and others.

    Thank you ninebullets/Bryan for all that YOU do to expose people to music (both local and otherwise) they may not have ever heard.

    Happy Thanksgiving. Drink up.

  6. I am thankful to have this splendid podcast to listen to while getting ready for Thanksgiving AND to live in FLA where all this great music came from… Thanks! I will email you some ideas for the best 2009 songs for your Dec podcast… maybe we can collaborate and I can provide some images! Happy Thanksgiving!

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