Hey y’all! I, Autopsy IV, am actually going to SxSW this year! Yes! I am aware that I am ending every sentence with exclamation points! I’m! that! excited! I’ve never been to Austin much less SxSW before so I am asking y’all for any tips or pointers to maximize the fun and enjoyment. If there is a “must see” band from your town that got invited, let me know. I am already making a list of bands. If you’re running a showcase that fits into the whole “ninebullets thing” let me know about it. And! If you are doing any sort of party…invite me. Please! I wanna have tons of fun and meet as many of my “internet friends” as possible. So holler at me: we’ll meet up, drink a whiskey and swap stories.

Also, does anyone know of a good central depository for the shows and showcases (official and unofficial) that are going on?


  1. I’m not sure if you’ve bought one of the outrageously priced passes. If you haven’t yet, don’t. During the day you can get into the majority of the shows for free and drink free booze. At night you need a pass to get into most shows. Having a pass guarantees you nothing though. Once a venue is full you’re shit outta luck. Or you can stand in line for hours and cross your fingers that you’ll eventually get in.

    My recipe for success has usually been the following:
    – Try to wake up “early” and get to the free shows by 11.
    – Listen to music, drink, and be merry till around 5 or so.
    – Go home or wherever you’re staying and rest, go get dinner, and sober up (or not) before starting the night. Days at SXSW are long…
    – At night just go out and get some drinks somewhere that isn’t charging a cover. Maybe they’ll have music, maybe they won’t. Enjoy yourself. Plan on getting your music intake during the day and don’t stress about getting into a specific show at night. Chances are you’ll get let down. For some good beer check out Gingerman, Draught House, Billy’s Brew and Que, Opal Divines, Zax, or Flying Saucer. All these places should be (relatively) easy to get into at night.
    – Repeat

    Drop me a message if you want any more tips. I’m a local.

  2. BTW, Hillgrass Bluebilly is doing a showcase at Hole in the Wall at 8pm on the 19th that I’m sure you’ll want to hit up. Cost: $7.

  3. For anyone who makes it into town by Tuesday the 16th and wants a head start before the madness: Hank III will be playing at Emo’s.

  4. is a really good resource for the free day parties. By a week or so before, they will have hundreds of mostly unpublicized day parties listed.

  5. make sure to check out the Twangfest day party’s on thurs and sat at jovita’s. Glossary, two Cow, grand champeen, drams and others typically play there…

  6. Yeah, the drams are still functioning, if in hibernation right now. Brent made a point of it when asked.

  7. AIV,

    I’ll be around. Since I have a real job now (recently finished grad school) I won’t be hitting up as much of the day stuff as I usually do. Hoping to take off at least Friday though.

    Drop me a line at @byocom if you’d like to meet up. First drink’s on me.

  8. Austin is awesome. Day parties are where its at. Make a loose schedule of shows you want to see during the day. Once you get someplace and start drinking, the music will be real good and you just won’t want to leave. Have excuses to get to the next show. It will be great there too and you can people watch on the way over. WEAR REAL COMFORTABLE SHOES YOU WILL BE WALKING AND STANDING A LOT. Don’t wear yourself out too early. The night is fun too.

  9. Autopsy, I will be down there, too. Looks like we will have Two Cow Garage, Micah Schnabel, Mike Hale, Austin Lucas, and Look Mexico down there for the good times. trying to get these guys together on a party or two but I will let you know when everyone is playing. Looking forward to hanging out.

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