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As any regular reader here knows, there are certain bands I champion on and long before I knew the guys in Truckstop Coffee personally they were one of them….and they still are.

Admittedly, I have not heard the whole album yet (it’s currently playing) but from what I’ve heard/seen of the new album at their live shows they’ve started to move away from the Lucero-esqe country sound of their previous album and towards a more twang tinged straight forward rock sound (ala say: Two Cow Garage).

Anyhow, they officially released their new album, For Dear Life, today. In an effort to get the album heard by as many folks as possible they’re offering an .mp3 download of the album on a pay what you want platform. Personally, I paid 10 for it and so far, it’s worth it.

Check it out. Buy it. Tell me what you think of it.

Truckstop Coffee - Ghost or an Angel     
(from the new album, For Dear Life)

In celebration of the album release Truckstop Coffee will be embarking on a small tour. Here are the dates:

EDIT: I forgot to mention for you Tampa/St. Pete folks. Truckstop will also be bringing the rock show to New World on Sept. 19th.


  1. TheOtherBrit TheOtherBrit
    September 1, 2009    

    Yay exciting! I’ll buy a copy in Atlanta. Really stoked to see them.

  2. September 1, 2009    

    They’re playing New World on Sep 19th, too.

  3. September 1, 2009    

    Yes! Yes they are!

  4. September 2, 2009    

    Awesome, looking forward to listening to this. Of course they aren’t hitting Houston on their tour so I won’t be able to take all of Larry’s money at poker but maybe one day…

  5. Kaleb Kaleb
    September 8, 2009    

    I just listened to Ghost or an Angel and after the first verse I turned it up so loud I think I woke the neighbors across the street. I swear I think if you played this at Greg Allman’s grave he would return to life long enough to come up and give you a high five.

  6. Kaleb Kaleb
    September 8, 2009    

    I meant Duane Allman!! arrg. I was thinking of what Greg would think of this sound.

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