One of my new years resolutions was to contribute to one kickstarter project a month and it (unlike drink less, look at less porn and stop eating hot dogs) is one I plan to keep. Without getting on too big of a soapbox I think it’s something all of us should be doing. Flying Spaghetti Monster knows we’ve all downloaded plenty of free music over the years and now it’s time to pay that back by supporting the bands in as direct a way as we’ve ever been able to. I’m not saying you should support the same project I do (though that would be awesome) but you should select one a month and support it. That said, I am now in need of a project for February so if you know of some good ones out there lemme know in the comments.

This month’s kickstarter project for 9B is The Whiskey Gentry. I’ve been a fan of singer, Lauren Staley, since she was in the now defunct Missy Gossip and The Secret Keepers and have been following The Whiskey Gentry for a few years now. Local faves, Have Gun Will Travel, have played a few dates with them up in Atlanta and have brought them down Tampa way a few times. I even had an interview I had recorded with the band on my long ago stolen Flip camera. Anyhow, they’ve launched a kickstarter campaign to record their first full-length record at John Keane’s Studios in Athens, GA. John Keane’s worked with bands like R.E.M., Widespread Panic and the Indigo Girls and has been nominated for a Grammy this year. Needless to say, it’s an ambitious start for a band I really like. If you wanna help them out you can contribute to their kickstarter effort here.

Here is a video from the band:



  1. They might be more country then what I mostly see on here, but a band from Oklahoma called Turnpike Troubadours are absolutely amazing. They put on a killer show and their latest album, Diamonds & Gasoline is great. Check out their website and if you want I can’t send you over some songs!

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