Last New Years Eve I made the New Years Resolution to support (1) Kickstarter effort a month for all of 2011. I also made the resolution to “drink like a human”. Both were met with varying degrees of success. Most night’s I was tipsy or, acceptably drunk, but my bad nights were really really bad. On the kickstarter front, while I could not anticipate the guessing game that my biweekly paycheck would be throughout the year, I still managed to back 9 campaigns last year.

Enter 2012. The kickstarter blowback has begun and there has been no shortage of anti-kickstarter articles and blog posts written and while I agree that established artist such as Rhett Miller shouldn’t be using kickstarter to fund their albums, I just choose not to support those campaigns instead of damning the entire service. This brings us to January and another kickstarter campaign that I feel is worth your support.

2011 was a strange year for The Only Sons. They lost their manager/backup drummer. They lost band members. For a period of time, there was not telling if The Only Sons were even a band anymore. Being a married man, I am familiar with the ebbs and flows of a relationship and I am glad to say The Only Sons are not only, still a band, they’re a band ready to make a new album.

Enter their Kickstarter campaign. Their new album is gonna be called When The New Wears Off and it will feature The Only Sons as a three piece with Glossary’s Joey Kneiser contributing occasionally with organ/piano and like Glossary, it appears The Son’s are drawing more heavily from that 70’s rock sound than albums past (and we know where that got Glossary). As an added bonus, all 15 dollars or more supporters of their campaign will get access to an immediate download of a kickstarter only EP of B-Sides entitled Scraps.

I hope you support the Ninebullets Kickstarter Of The Month projects but even if you don’t, I hope you support some kickstarter projects. I’ll leave you with the words of Franz Nicolay that I could not agree with more:

“One of the things I’ve always liked about punk rock world is the idea that it’s a community, that the people who make the music are no different functionally than the people who consume it, that it’s a conversation, not a monologue. And part of being a community is having a stake in it, feeling a sense of responsibility toward keeping that community moving forward. If you don’t like my music, by all means don’t feel an obligation to contribute. But there is some other musician out there whose music you love, and could use your help. And if we can agree to support the idea of community-sourcing funding for projects from this, to Kevin Seconds’ tour van, to who knows what coming down the line, we’ll all have more music from the people whose work we love.”

You can access The Only Son’s kickstarter campaign here.

The Only Sons – Standing Water
The Only Sons – Put Up A Fight


  1. Just today I supported a very similiar kickstarter project (which is just a coincidence – it’s not like I’m doing this all the time, unfortunately) and for a moment I thought “isn’t this supposed to be part of a band’s early struggling phase, to raise the funds for recording? or simply just record at a friend of a friend’s basement lo-fi studio?” and a minute later I felt like the biggest spoiled consumer asshole in the world. On the other hand, I simply could not afford doing this for all of my beloved bands out there which mostly are very much outside the mainstream music industry. So, yeah, it’s difficult. I do spend most of my money for smaller entities, be it independent bands, record labels, film projects, fanzines, etc, so all the $ that goes to a project like this will be missed some place else. There is just so much money to spread. I do wish them luck and hope the goal will be reached, but if these kickstarter projects take overhand, we’re gonna have a problem. Shit, I didn’t wanna end on a negative note. If you can, support this!

    1. @ Martin Luther Presley, First off I like your last name big fan of the King.
      Let me get this straight, you are saying that if a friend records your album then there is no cost involved and the bands are just putting the money in there pocket? Well there sir you are wrong, It is possible that here in Nashville you could possibly know someone who is a skilled engineer and that has a Hi-Fi Studio!!! Also you have to think about cost of mass producing a cd or record it is not cheap if you send it to a professional place get the cd’s made…There is also the cost of the Album Art and you have to have your cd mixed and mastered..You have never been in production have you??? There are lost of little cost that add up…Yes some people might be using KickStarter to take advantage but this project is definitely not one of them.. I know all to well how the industry works and it is very costly…It is sad the music and movies have become more about how much money you have
      then the quality of the art..This website is so that indie artist can be heard and have a shot to make it with the big fish…So if you can a support a project great do it!!! No need to be Negative…

      1. Read my comment again, you didn’t get at all what I was trying to say. And you don’t have to explain to me the costs for producing and manufacturing a CD. I am not dumb.
        Please note that I will not continue a discussion with you since you so enormously misread my comment and put words into my mouth I never said, (pretty much everything after “you are saying” is complete bollocks – I never implicated all that stuff) and I will not turn this into a stupid online discussion. Lord knows there are enough of those.

  2. I read your comment three of four times before I posted a comment..I just read it once again.. I guess I still don’t get what you are saying…But I apologize if I miss understood your comment, Hope there is no ill blood! It just sounded very negative to me..Shirts aint free either.. and I did not say that you where dumb..There is an old saying if you don’t having anything positive to say don’t say anything at all! Have a Blessed day!!!!

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