NIBBLES AND BITS (chuck ragan, revival tour II, dan auerbach, deep blues festival and more)

Here is some stuff I’ve been sitting on that I’m not gonna be able to make a full post out of but I think might interest some of y’all:

  • This years Deep Blues Festival takes place from July 15 to July 19 in Minneapolis, MN at The Cabooze. A full festival pass costs 100 dollars but currently are offering them at a discount rate of 80 dollars. If that’s something that might interest you then go get ’em.
  • If you live in the Tampa Bay Area and you make music then The Homemade Music Symposium might be something that will be of interest to you. It takes place Saturday, June 13 and Sunday, June 14 in Ybor City and will feature seminars and workshops as well as plenty of live music. As an added caveat, your truly will be sitting in on one of the panels.
  • A song from one of the Black Key’s frontman/guitarist, Dan Auerbach’s earlier bands, The Barnburners has been making the rounds. They’re performing a cover of  Hound Dog Taylor‘s song “Gonna Send You Back To Georgia”. You can listen to it here.
  • From the “oh my god I can’t believe I am getting this lucky” file. While I am up in Minneapolis for the Deep Blues Festival this year none other than Slim Cessna’s Auto Club are also gonna be in town. Going to see them means I am gonna miss some of DBF’s Friday night festivities but actually having a chance to see Slim Cessna’s Auto Club with my own two eyes and not doing it…well, quite simply, that’s just not an option at all. With this new addition I am afraid my head may explode from the awesome at some point that weekend.
  • Slim Cessna’s Auto Club – This Land Is Our Land (redux)

5 thoughts on “NIBBLES AND BITS (chuck ragan, revival tour II, dan auerbach, deep blues festival and more)”

  1. I sure like SCAC and tried to book them for our festival. They’re a great fit for what we’re doing, and from my conversation with the band last summer, they wanted to play.

    So what happened? In January, the booking agent said they’d be coming through the midwest in June and couldn’t come back again in July without big dollars to bring them in for a one time show. I said that’s not possible, and that’s the last I heard until I saw this show scheduled in St Paul.

    It does happen to be right during our fest. I suppose they forgot about the festival. Maybe someone thought they’d make more money playing a club gig to all the fans in town as opposed to what they’d make from the fest.

    I’m all about these bands making money. I want them all to succeed, get famous, spread this music around the world. I’m not knocking anyone’s business plan to make this happen. Lots of bands turned down playing Deep Blues because we aren’t offering the kind of money they need to make. There’s no hard feelings.

    It’s unfortunate that SCAC is playing a competing show with the Deep Blues. I’d sure like to see them play again. I won’t. I’ll be at the fest.

  2. I’ll take it as an unfortunate coincidence that they are routed through the twin cities during our fest.

    There was another band that looked at booking a twin cities show instead of playing the fest. After talking with them about what we’re all trying to accomplish, they dropped those plans.

    One of the bands playing last year said they’d love to come back “and play across the street”. What the fuck? Is the competition for fans so cutthroat for some people? I’m trying to work under the premise that if these bands will help support one another, they’ll all build a bigger fanbase. Lots of these bands “get it”. They’re touring with one another or offering local shows to help traveling bands. They’re sharing contacts, club info, booking agents, recording studio and label information. I have to believe that as one or more of these bands “break out” they’ll help raise the status of all the others as well.

  3. Chuck Ragan’s next album is titled “Gold Country” and it comes out Sept. 1st.

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