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William Elliott Whitmore has a new album coming out in July entitled Field Songs. Here in the ninebullets camp we’re as giddy as a boy on prom night about this news and Anti- Records offered up a cursory over the shirt boob grab in the form of one of the songs today. It’s called “Everything Gets Gone” and I bet you’ll enjoy it as much as I do:

William Elliott Whitmore – Everything Gets Gone by antirecords


  1. DownSouth DownSouth
    May 11, 2011    

    Hell to the yes!

    • DownSouth DownSouth
      May 11, 2011    

      On his forthcoming new album Field Songs, due out July 12th on Anti-Records, impassioned troubadour William Elliott Whitmore documents a vanishing American landscape with all the heartfelt soul and quiet fury one would hope for. “Heartland firebrand blows fuse, fights for truth” heralded Spin Magazine when describing Whitmore, who utilizes a powerful singing voice beyond his years and a stark dramatic sound rooted in bluegrass, blues and folk protest music. The new songs vividly evoke a life of struggle, humble resilience and family bond undoubtedly inspired by life on his family’s farm along the Mississippi River.

      William Elliott Whitmore has been building a reputation as an absolutely stirring live performer able to convert crowds with just his banjo and voice. Creative Loafing stated, “Whitmore writes songs as honest as Abe Lincoln, takes to the road to share these songs with rooms full of people who’ve likely never heard them, and turns these strangers into fanatics nightly” while the Seattle Times offered, “You hear the diesel engine growl of his voice, the century of blues and folk tradition behind his banjo-driven stomps, the everyday relevance of his lyrics, and you succumb.”

      01. Bury Your Burdens In The Ground
      02. Field Song
      03. Don’t Need It
      04. Everything Gets Gone
      05. Let’s Do Something Impossible
      06. Get There From Here
      07. We’ll Carry On
      08. Not Feeling Any Pain

  2. May 11, 2011    

    What he ^ said!

  3. Dave Dave
    May 11, 2011    

    I hope this album continues in the same vein as his last one. I love the sparse sound of the first four albums, but I can go for some rocking out.

  4. May 13, 2011    

    Great cover art, that picture is really rad

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