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Suburban Home debuted a new Tim Barry track and video called “Thing of the Past” this morning. It is the lead single for his upcoming album, “28th & Stonewall” and will also be on a split 7″ with Frank Turner that should be out in about 2 weeks. “28th & Stonewall” is scheduled for a January 2010 release and this track, as I so eloquently said in an email to Virgil, “has officially given me a boner for the new album“.

Check it out & as a side note, the track also features the exceptionally talented Josh Small on guitar.


  1. Nick Nick
    October 12, 2009    

    argh! That’s way too long to wait for this record.

  2. October 12, 2009    

    I thoroughly examined your comment and I not only merely agree, I really most sincerely agree.

  3. October 12, 2009    

    dude, that’s Austin Lucas in the opening scene too. Awesome fucking new song.

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