I listen to a lot of music. A lot of music. I can’t speak for AIV or Romeosidvicious, but the list of records I’d like to review for Ninebullets is about three miles long, and that’s before I’ve sorted through anything that’s been submitted for review (AIV handles the bulk of that, so his workload is exponentially larger). Point is, sometimes a record slips through the cracks. In the interest of trying to cover a few more bases, and inspired by AIV’s recent 140-character Twitter reviews, I introduce to you a new Ninebullets feature: Two Sentence Reviews.

The Cave Singers | Welcome Joy (Matador, August 17, 2009)
Beard rock that’s far less grating than Iron and Whine. Plenty of Neil Young influence, which is rarely a bad thing.

The Cave Singers – At The Cut

The Maldives | Listen to the Thunder (Mt. Fuji, September 15, 2009)
The Maldives, another unshaven Seattle outfit, made the best country record you didn’t hear in 2009. Gram and Hillman would be proud.

The Maldives – Tequila Sunday

Vic Chesnutt | At the Cut (Constellation, September 22, 2009)
Chesnutt’s second collaboration with members of Silver Mt. Zion, Godspeed You Black Emperor! and Fugazi is a smoldering, albeit molasses-paced, gem. It’s uneven, but worth it; find me a Chesnutt record that ain’t.

Vic Chesnutt – Concord Country Jubilee

Kris Kristofferson | Closer to the Bone (New West, September 29, 2009)
Slightly underwhelming, stripped-down release from one of the greatest songwriters alive. Well worth it for Stephen Bruton’s (R.I.P.) appearance alone.

Kris Kristofferson – Closer To The Bone

Them Crooked Vultures | S/T (DGC, November 17, 2009)
Grohl, Homme and John Paul Jones rumble through thirteen thinly veiled Zeppelin homages. Enjoyable for what it is, didn’t blow my dress up.

Them Crooked Vultures – New Fang

Autopsy IV Note: Here are the two 140 Character Reviews I’ve done so far:

Beck: Songs of Leonard Cohen – If you see Beck anytime soon…please punch him the face for this release.

Beck – Suzzanne

Blakroc – Blakroc: shit start. strong strong STRONG finish.

Blakroc – Ain’t Nothing Like You (Hoochie Coo) (feat. Jim Jones & Mos Def)

Any of you talented readers wanna make a graphic for this feature?


  1. also, Marc Maron went to a Built to Spill show last week and declared it full of “nerd cock” and that nerd cock had finally beaten frat cock.

  2. I haven’t listened to the new Kristofferson, but if it’s anything close to This Old Road quality-wise I’m gonna like it, I loved that one. Other than that, I haven’t heard of the rest except Beck and I wouldn’t be sorry if he dies a slow and painful death. (in fact, I would. I just try to come across as a tough motherfucker. which I ain’t. I just don’t like him or his music, simple as that)

  3. My favorite review ever, courtesy of “This Is Spinal Tap”: “A two-work review: ‘Shit Sandwich'”

  4. In the interest of completeness, I appreciate the quick reviews. But allow me to 2nd the thumbs up for The Maldives. Should be essential listening for anyone around these parts and I’d argue “Listen to the Thunder” ought to be under strong consideration for album of the year. A 9 piece alt-country/Americana act out of Seattle? What is this world coming to?

  5. As a Seattleite and 9B reader, it’s pretty cool to see a couple local bands on here. The Cave Singers are cool and the Maldives — well, yeah. What the last commenter said. Album of the year contender.

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