This morning I was cruising places I used to go on the internet but don’t anymore because of Facebook and eventually landed on the Lucero Message Board. One of the threads on there that caught my eye was titled, “New Songs Updates.” Naturally, I clicked on it and it was as advertised. A list of new songs and links to YouTube videos of them and I thought to myself, “Self, this would make for a seriously awesome Friday post on ninebullets.” I hope y’all agree with me.

Can’t Stand to Leave You:

Women and Work:

Like Lightning:

It May Be Too Late:

When I Was Young:

On My Way Downtown:

Unknown (Come On? Who You Waiting On?):

Any favorites?

9 thoughts on “NEW LUCERO SONGS!”

  1. “Like Lighting” has become one of my favorite Lucero songs. I can’t wait for a recorded version. You can see my head bobbing in front of Todd’s pedal steel in that video. And “When I Was Young” is just beautiful.

  2. what a kick ass post. I dig It May Be Too Late and Going Downtown, or whatever they’re called. Is there an expected release date?

  3. Looking forward to the new album and also lookng forward in seeing Lucero open for the Truckers Jan 29th 930 Club in DC. Should be a great show.

  4. Saw them last Friday night at MERCY LOUNGE in Nashville with the mighty Glossary! I must say that Glossary has become the better band. Lucero is still unbelievably good though….All the new songs were great live. Todd Beene was perfect with both bands. Easily the best 2 rock n roll bands in america right now. Can anyone really think of any 2 rock bands that have consistently released records that perfect from start to finish than Glossary and Lucero?

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