Ben’s out on the road doing his solo motorcycle tour which means some videos of new songs will begin to surface. This is one of those. The name of the song is, “Women and Work.”


3 thoughts on “NEW LUCERO SONG:”

  1. Seeing as I’m exactly the audience that Ben is talking to, I love the hell out of this song. I can’t wait for the guitars and what will probably be Rick Steff wailing on a piano in the background.

    I like the tone, like Ben is watching out for the heartbroken drunks of tomorrow.

  2. What a song. It would sound great if they just recorded with the acoustic guitar. No need for a full band.

  3. I was the one that took this video… and am stoked to see it on here since i’m a frequent visitor of your blog.

    anyways. for me the line… ‘got you puking in the aisles and smashing tv’s. kid don’t let it get you down’ sums it all up, Nichols is a genius.

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