New Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires!

Lee Bains III & the Glory Fires Band Photo

The folks over at Team Rock have an exclusive stream of a new Glory Fires track, and it’s one you have to hear.

First, Lee’s statement about the song:

“This song is about disrupting systems that have proven to fall short of, if not completely undermine, their purported missions – criminal justice, mental health, the church, language – for the sake of realigning them with those missions. The song developed out of months spent revisiting the Objectivist poets, binging on early Clash albums, and observing the Atlanta actions surrounding the deaths of Michael Brown, Eric Garner and other unarmed people of colour. The song is the first completed work in a group of songs, tentatively titled Juvenile Detention, aimed at investigating questions of socialization, youth, identity, law, privilege, religion, culture, place, causality and memory.”

Take a look at that quote, hit the link to listen to the song, and tell me that Lee Bains isn’t the most rock and roll dude on either side of the Mississippi.

This is a solid reminder of a few things: that rock music still holds the power for social change, that Lee Bains knows melody just as much as he knows rocking out, and that piano and horns can be punk as fuck. I don’t want to put words in Lee’s mouth, especially because this track has the signature Glory Fires distortion, but I think there are some conclusions we can draw: that just because someone is in charge of you they don’t  necessarily have your best intentions in mind, that the majority isn’t always correct, and that disorder can be sweeter than lockstep uniformity.

I don’t mean to call Lee out too much either. Though his ideals and literary nature are one of the driving forces of the band, it wouldn’t exist without Eric ‘The Diabetic Wonder’ Wallace on guitar, Adam ‘ Luscious Locks’ Williamson on bass, and Blake ‘You Think I’m Funny? You Think I’m Here To Amuse You, Like A Clown’ Williamson on drums, the band would by no means have the same punch. These are the four horsemen of punk rock lashed together and charging for the summit. This is a bandwagon you want to be on.

Check out their website, and pick up their most recent record, Dereconstructed, from SubPop.