I’d like to drop a little love on some local boys making the sweatiest, grittiest, gonna fuck your momma juke-joint blues in town: Nervous Turkey. For the past year, Nervous Turkey has been wowing audiences on both sides of the bridge and creating a following (in a traditionally unwilling-to-follow region) one show and shirtless front man at a time.

I went up to New World last Friday for their cd-release party and was immediately surprised at the sheer amount of people in the place. So surprised, in fact, that I just assumed a lot of the crowd just happened to be there since it was a Friday night. Those doubts were quickly dashed once the band fired up and the entire bar smashed onto New Worlds patio to sing and dance along to the band.

Allow me to break rank for a moment and say, Good Job Tampa. It’s about time that we, as a community, support our local musicians. Keep it up, kids.

Now. Some blues comes from suffering, some comes from sadness, and still other times it comes from fear, or love, or from a need for release. There is another kind of blues altogether that comes from the dick, and that’s the kinda blues Nervous Turkey puts out. I dunno, maybe it’s the organs with the harmonica, but while I stood, sweating and watching the crowd on this particular August evening, I was moved to text the following to my Twitter account:

“Best thing about the blues is the ways it makes women move”

With that said, I’ll leave y’all with the music. You can pick up cds at any show in the area. For any of you out-of-towners that may want a copy for yourself, I’m sure a quick myspace message will get you all zipped up.

Nervous Turkey – Strang
Nervous Turkey – Too Late For Romance
Nervous Turkey – Viper

Nervous Turkey on myspace


  1. Thanks for this one. I swiped these and stuck it on the ipod and it popped up at work. Sounds alot like Parlay and Tenderloin, Sin City Disciples from Kansas City Fame.

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