It all started innocently enough when my friend (and 9b tech guru) Trevor asked me if I’d be interested in attending Nerdapalooza with him.

Now, I’ll just state it up front, as of 3 weeks ago I’d never heard any “nerdcore” music outside of the MC Chris song “Fette’s Vette“, but I agreed to go anyhow. The way I figured it, from what little I knew/know about the “nerdcore scene” you’d pretty much have to be a raging hemorrhoid not to have fun at a nerdcore music festival, and I never. ever. ever. never. ever. pass up a good time (unless it violates my marriage vows or the few ground rules the wench and I have established). I figured at best I could cover it for 9b and Creative Loafing, and at worst I’d spend a weekend drinking with Trevor before he heads out to Seattle.

Being a firm believer in due diligence, I started going through the festival’s roster in my down time and familiarizing myself with the sounds. For the most part I was finding everything to be pretty hit or miss until a simple response to a tweet I made changed everything…

@autopsy4: Bout to bust out with a morning of nerdcore music…On deck: The Protomen. They come highly recommended.
@scrubclub: I hope there’s some Scrub Club in that nerdy rotation, sir!

A little investigation landed me on Scrub Clubs’ website. A little more poking around and I found that they give away their albums, and this was when everything changed….

It started with a download of the new EP from a fella called Dr. Awkward, Next Gen. He sounds sort of like Eminem without the Mariah references. He had a song featuring this fella called Kabuto the Python. Color me blown away! Immediately, I was pulling down the Kabuto. Kabuto kind of reminds me of Gift of Gab from Blackalicious, but with a slightly gruffer voice.

Admittedly, most of the comic book and video game references in these albums are over my head, but I can’t, as a hiphop fan, stop bumping these two artists the past few weeks.

I’ve gone from going to the Nerdapalooza for the curiosity of it to genuinely looking forward to seeing the Scrub Club showcase. Look for a complete writeup next week (and perhaps some intermediate updates this weekend).

Dr. Awkward – Geekquilibrium
Dr. Awkward w/Kabuto the Python – Next Gen
Kabuto the Python – Open Season

Funky49 – Still Nerdy
The Protomen – Hope Rides Alone
MC Chris – MC Chris Is Dead

MC Frontalot – Goth Girls
Schaffer The Darklord – Black Metal Queen

9 thoughts on “NERDAPALOOZA BOUND…”

  1. It great to see other people getting into nerdcore.
    Check out! It’s the best Nerdcore site around and several artist such Dr. Awkward and Kabuto post in the forums as well.

  2. so all the time i mentioned nerdcore on the UT boards i get nothing, but NOW it gets mentioned!?

  3. nah. had to work. really really pissed at that too.

    also, be sure to check out guys like the 8-bit Boys, Emergency Pizza Party, Rocket Propelled Geeks, and the Krondor Krew. good good stuff.

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