Myspace Bands (part 5) or Introducing: Creech Holler

I am gonna borrow liberally from Creech Holler’s myspace page for a moment:

creech holler plays the music of midnight whiskey stills and front porches. of those whose sole act of contrition before god was to make song of their sin and sorrow. of those who have been to dark places, and who left their soul there. of those who deemed it necessary to kill some poor son of a bitch who had it coming to them, and then deemed it necessary to sing a song about it. of those who loved the sacred and the profane in equal measure; who played the devil’s music on saturday night, and god’s music on sunday morning. of those who have trod black paths so long that they have forgotten the light, but not so long so as to forget to bring their gun and a shovel. of those who saw fit to salve their wounds with the banjo, the fiddle, the guitar…

…creech holler is the hills and hollers of east tennessee and the fields of the delta, and the regret and desires and vain hopes of redemption buried under their soil. it’s everywhere that america’s bad blood flows and gives birth to hymns to the wrong that lives in low men’s hearts. it’s the ghosts of america’s music reborn in furious electricity.”

These guys remind me of what’s right with The North Mississippi All-stars (Shake Hands With Shorty) minus what’s wrong with The North Mississippi All-stars (Polaris)….and I freaking love The North Mississippi All-stars, so you can imagine what I think of these guys. I don’t know the first thing about the blues, but I know what I like, and I fucking like these guys. Oddly enough, they don’t even put blues in their genre description…shows you what I know. However, under Type of Label it does say none and that is a fucking shame. So, check out these tracks, and if you like what you hear, go buy a god damned CD.

Creech Holler – Pretty Polly
Creech Holler – Red Rockin’ Chair
Creech Holler – Poor Ol’ Maddie

Creech Holler on myspace, Buy Creech Holler’s CD