Myspace bands (part 2)

As I posted earlier…I am feeling a little abused after last nights Lucero show and as the day wears on I am in a rapid decline. I have had this typed up for a few weeks now and today seems as good as any to post it.

Today I’ll bring you 2 bands, one from Florida and one from Texas. I hope you enjoy ’em.

Ryan Bales Band

I’ll be honest, I don’t know how this band’s CD ended up on my hard drive. I assume it came off some p2p app, but what I don’t know is why I downloaded it. I had never heard of them and there is nothing about the band’s name or the CD name that really stand-out, but there it is; Ryan Bales Band – Revival. The Ryan Bales Band is from San Marcos, Texas. They make music in the southern rock genre that feels familiar w/o being a Skynyrd ripoff. That might sound a little trite, but in the world of southern rock bar bands there is no shortage of kids trying to be Skynyrd. These guys have potential…. so go see them if they come to your town.

Recommended myspace track: Moonshine

The Beauvilles

If you live in the Tampa/St. Pete area and have not at least heard of the Beauvilles then you live in a complete local music vacuum. So, allow me to leak a little air in. The Beauvilles are a Tampa based quartet that plays rock and roll music. While they come off as highly arrogant and pretentious in print, they come off as raw and honest live. Tampa folks….check them out. The rest of you should venture over to myspace and check ’em out.

Recommended myspace track: Gasoline

I hope you find something you like between these two bands. This will be an occasional and random subject on So, if you have a myspace band you think deserves more attention than it is getting…..tell us about them…if we like ‘em we’ll talk about ‘em….and that is the essence of this here site….

3 thoughts on “Myspace bands (part 2)”

  1. Yeh the Beauvilles do come off sorta strange?

    They look arrogant in their pictures also. Are those Can can dancers???

    Thanks for suggesting them tho the music is like lou reed on stereroids.

    I like Lou reed.


  2. Hey! Chris Tolan here! I happen to play guitar in the Beauvilles. It’s truly unfortunate to hear that there’s a bad rap about us being arrogant going about. We pour ourselves into the music we play and make no excuses. We’re coming out with a new album very soon, gonna be releasing some new tracks on our myspace, hopefully some people will take a listen. And yes, please do come out if you happen to notice we’re playing somewhere in town. Come up and say hi, we actually are all generally nice guys!

    At your service,

    Chris and the Beauvilles.

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