Myspace bands (part 1)

Okay…I know I know….myspace sucks…either you hate it because it is full of 14 year olds or you fear that it is gonna rape your 14 year old and leave them riddled with syphilis…..but, as a fan of music, Myspace is amazingly useful. I am gonna start an occasional topic here called Myspace bands just to give some exposure to unsigned bands on myspace that I feel deserve a little recognition. So, without further ado:

The Diviners

from their bio: “It’s easy to fill a room with music; just ask Godsmack. It’s much harder to fill a room with emotion…” When The Diviners play, by the end of the second song everyone is paying attention….whether you came to the bar for the band or not. the songs demand you listen to them and once you do they will stick to you like cigarette smoke and whiskey breath. Easily the best band in the Tampa Bay area…so go check out the tunes on their myspace site and their web site and see if I’m lying. Also, if you live in the Tampa area do yourself a favor and go see these guys live….They are playing this Saturday night @ New World Brewery. There are 2 tracks, including my favorite “Hallowed Ground” available on their web site that are not available on the myspace site.

Recommended myspace track: Navasota

New York Fund

I first became aware of The New York Fund by a friend’s post on a local message board. I followed the link and for the next 2 weeks I found myself traveling there numerous times a day to listen to their myspace offerings. The New York Fund is based in the UK so the odds of me ever getting to see them live are…probably nil. Their songs beg you to sing along and fit perfectly on a small boombox at a low volume while you drink whiskey on the front porch. There are 7 songs available from these guys between their web site and their myspace page and they have an EP that is supposed to be coming out in the future. So, I advise you to check these guys out…add them to your friends list and wait for the bulletin that says the EP is available for purchase.

Recommended myspace track: The Guns of Camden

I hope you find something you like between these two bands. This will be an occasional and random subject on So, if you have a myspace band you think deserves more attention than it is getting…..tell us about them…if we like ’em we’ll talk about ’em….and that is the essence of this here site….

While you are out there come by my myspace page and say hi.

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  1. Hi there I came across this posting after googling for myspace music. Thanks for the interesting read. I have often thought about ce bands (part 1) at too. Thanks for sharing. On Monday I will have time to look into it more.

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