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My favorite metal album of 2006:

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I’ll stop shy of saying the Slayer album is the best album of 2006 and just call it my favorite metal album of 2006. I just don’t get exposed to enough music from the metal scene. When I was a kid I loooooved Seasons in the Abyss. I was at one of the shows that ended up being released on Decade of Aggression. Then I stopped listening to them. I don’t know why. I’m thinking it was around the time I moved into my industrial phase and started going to the goth/industrial clubs. I wasn’t in a circle where Slayer was relevant, but I still listened to Seasons a couple of times a year. I did check out God Hates Us All when it came out, but I wasn’t feeling it.

Truth be told, I probably wouldn’t have listened to or even known about Christ Illusion had it not been for all of the pre-release hype about the album cover and Lombardo’s return to the band. Christ Illusion reminds me a lot of Season’s with it’s super-riffs and lightning fast solos. On God Hates Us All it seemed like Tom Araya was trying to put words to every beat and it was just too much for me, the fringe metal fan. On CI the vocals and some of the subject matter are more like Seasons complete with Tom’s signature yelling. What I’m trying to say is I freaking love Seasons in the Abyss and Christ Illusion reminds me a lot of that album. I’ve listened to CI every Saturday morning on my way to the dog park since it’s been released , and because of all of that I deem Slayer – Christ Illusion my favorite metal album of 2006.

Slayer - Flesh Storm     

Slayer - Consfearacy     

Slayer - Cult     

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BTW: If you know of some metal band that you think are gods by all means tell me who they are….I would love to check them out.

The “controversial” album cover….I dunno, I’ve seen worse.


  1. JT JT
    December 21, 2006    

    mastodon: blood mountain

  2. GO GO
    January 9, 2007    

    As a fringe metal fan myself, an album that unexpectedly sucked me in was Opeth’s Ghost Reveries. If you can get past the growly vocals it’s superb stuff – goes from very dark, aggressive death metal to wistful acoustic passages (and everything in between – even borrows from the Beatles’ Tomorrow Never Knows on one song). I like albums where there’s a lot going on to keep me coming back and this is one of them. I’d also recommend their earlier album Still Life – maybe not as immediate but very atmospheric stuff. (Don’t judge Ghost Reveries by the single, by the way – Grand Conjuration is very generic and repetitive compared to the rest of it.)

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