Murder City Devils

Everyone has a band who they fell in love with only to find out they’ve broken up. The Murder City Devils fall into that category for myself. I was introduced to them by Travis Morgan when he offered up the song Rum and Whiskey for a mix CD I was making for a long road trip. He posted a few mp3’s for me to check out and I ordered In Name and Blood. The first time I listened to the CD I wasn’t too keen on it. It was a pretty foreign sound for me at the time, but a few of the tracks stuck enough that I continued to play the CD. Over the next few weeks I found myself playing the CD more and more and carrying it inside to play while I was mulling around the house. Over time I’ve collected the entire discography and read several show reviews. In 2006 they announced they were going to reunite for a one off show. I waited with baited breath for the location to be announced….please be east coast….pleasepleaseplease…south east would be great but I’ll take anything on the east coast.. show is in Washington….STATE….FUUUUUUUUUKKKKKK

Taking their punk (late 70’s) influences and melding it with haunting keys and Spencer Moody’s raspy vocals, they made their own form of rock and roll. While they were at it they wrote some fantastic songs with really smart lyrics. Hopefully one day they will pull another “one off” reunion and play the east coast. Till then I will just have to crank up the surround sound, pour a whiskey drink, and drop The End into the DVD player.

The Murder City Devils were: Spencer Moody – vocals … now in Triumph of Lethargy Skinned Alive to Death, on myspace at, Smoke and Smoke, and Rabbit Ears. / Derek Fudesco – Bass … now in Pretty Girls Make Graves and on myspace at / Dann Gallucci – Guitar … now in A Gun Called Tension, on myspace at, and Triumph of Lethargy Skinned Alive to Death on myspace at / Nate Manny – Guitar … now doing Halftone Design / Leslie Hardy – Keyboards / Coady Willis – Drums … now in Big Business and on myspace at, and The Melvins and on myspace

Murder City Devils – 18 Wheels
Murder City Devils – Rum and Whiskey
Murder City Devils – Boom Swagger Boom

Murder City Devils on Myspace, Murder City Devils Official Site, Murder City Devils on Sub Pop, Buy Murder City Devils Cd’s

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