Morning Drawings


In a fit of total failure I noticed that we’ve never mentioned Shane Sweeney’s project: Morning Drawings. Shane, who you should know from Two Cow Garage and his solo albums, draws song lyrics. He draws stuff that inspires him as well as commissions. The image above is one I commissioned for my wife because our song is “You’re Not The Boss Of Me” (It’s a long story) and here’s one that he did for Cory Branan’s “Miss Ferguson”:


Shane is an awesome dude and his drawings should be on the wall somewhere in your abode. So get off your ass and make that happen. Yeah, I figure most of you already know about this but there’s a chance someone didn’t and that’s more than enough reason to post about it! I could post a ton of my favorites that he’s done but it’s much more fun to scroll through the site and look at all of them. If nothing else I just gave you something that’ll kill the time between now and lunch.