Moonshine Hangover – Resplandor

Resplandor is Moonshine Hangover’s third, and apparently final, album. It’s a real damned shame, too. I remember hearing Murder City Devils for the first time and falling in complete love only to find out that they had already broken up. Moonshine Hangover is the same deal, but on a slightly lesser scale. I mean, I mourned the fact that MCD had gone before I knew who they were for months…hell, on quiet drunken nights I still do a little. From what I can tell, Moonshine Hangover had just finally run its course and the band went their separate ways while remaining friends. The cd had been kicking it around my house for a while now and I only found out about the split when I started to do some research on the band. Gone or not, they made one hell of an album that you can still pick up. To quote others:

There is an unmistakable grit to this sound – it is Rock n Roll and bourbon and blood and bone. There is an unwavering connection to the people and places where each of these men have been, and to their histories. This is music to drink to, music to dance to, music to love by, music to fight by and music to pray to.

Moonshine Hangover – Truckstop Mary
Moonshine Hangover – Dear Juanita
Moonshine Hangover – Old Times

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One thought on “Moonshine Hangover – Resplandor”

  1. Thanks for the kind words. That record was a labor of love and we’re real proud of it. There comes a time when interests wander and you tire of playing the songs you’ve played for years and you have to make family and that day job that pays the mortgage a bigger priority in life. Moonshine Hangover crossed that bridge while making Resplandor and we figure it’s a great one to end on.

    There will be post-MSH bands, perhaps including multiple MSH members, but they won’t be Moonshine Hangover and they won’t pass this way again.

    – Will

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