[MIX TAPE] Meet Mr. Branan

I thought this one might be sort of timely since Mr. Branan has a new record out and is touring quite a bit. This doesn’t have any of his newer stuff but rather an introduction to his older work. When I originally put this together it covered everything he had out at the time. I like the way it turned out so I’m really happy to share it with you again.

2 thoughts on “[MIX TAPE] Meet Mr. Branan”

  1. Nice, I’d never heard “Pale Moon” or “One of Theirs.” They were pulled from The Hell You Say, is that the story? I never was able to track down the There Is No Dana 7″, either.

  2. I have the “There is no Dana” 7 inch thanks to Cory and I am fairly certain he has some of the Memphis version of The Hell You Say. The track listing is different but if you drop him a line I think he has some copies still. The wareshouse found a couple of cases a while back and so he’s toting those around with him and selling them as well. I’d hurry as he may be running out.

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