Following the lead of No Depression and countless other record stores in the past few years Miles of Music has thrown in the towel. A visit to their web site this morning displays the following:

We aren’t throwing in the towel so much as calling a time-out. For now, though, we are closed for business.
We’ve come to a pause in an era. The economy, the credit crunch, the changing way people consume music have all lead us to today.
All existing orders have been cancelled. Orders paid by Paypal are being refunded.
Now is it time to clean up, clean out, and consider the future.
There are many terrific places to purchase music on-line. Please continue supporting independent artists.
— Jeff Weiss, Miles of Music

Maybe they’ll come back as the iTunes of Americana music or something but I am guessing they’re toast. It’s too bad to…despite their terribly slow shipping I always felt good about myself for buying stuff from them.


Drag The River – Death of the Life of the Party


  1. Hmmm.. I was wondering why they refunded my PayPal purchase. Well this sucks, at least I got the ESP CD through the bands myspace at least though. Bummer

  2. Man that sucks. All the shit I love is falling by the wayside, No Depression and now this. Dont you dare follow that trend. Yall have turned me onto so much great stuff.
    keep it up

  3. Wow. What about the folks that supplied music to them? They owe me money for CD sales and also have extra product that I really need to get back!!

  4. here are the hard cold facts for myself, and my two bands, the whipsaws, and Easton Stagger Phillips…

    miles of music owes us over $3000. over the last year they told us they were either sending us checks (that we never recieved), or that they would be sending us checks soon. Meanwhile, they continued to sell our records, and lots of them.

    For me, the kicker is that 2 weeks before miles of music folded, the sold 50+ Easton Stagger phillips records. I believe that they never intended to pay us for these, and even though we have hired a lawyer, I don’t plan on seeing this money.

    I am angry because i am an artist that works my ass off and barely gets by. i believed that miles of music had my best interest in mind and i was wrong. i empathise with buisnesses, and everyone who is having difficulty with the economic conditions. but the cold hard truth is that miles of music lied to us, and in the end, they ripped me and my two bands off.

    that being said, you won’t catch me whining about it, and you won’t catch my bands whining about it. we will keep doing what we do, and probably do it ourselves. so if you are sitting around feeling sorry for miles of music, that’s cool. i wouldn’t though.

  5. I’ve been writing emails to Jeff at MOM for almost a year trying to get paid for my CDs. I never heard from him, so if anyone hears from him I’d love to hear about it. What a sour taste I have in my mouth right now.
    Steve R.

  6. Wow. I had no idea M.O.M. was treating the artists so bad behind the scenes.

    That really fucking sucks. Now, I feel like a jackass for spending money with them. I bought both The Whipsaws and the ESP disc from M.O.M….It’s a shame to know Evan didn’t see any of that.

    To the artists I have a question: Are any of the cd outlets paying y’all? Who can we as the end user buy from and know y’all are seeing your cut?

  7. I also sell through CDBaby, Not Lame Recordings, and Kool Kat Musik, all of whom have been totally professional and punctual in their payments. I expected the same from MOM, especially in light of how strict they were with their shipping/invoice requirements from the artist.
    Just wondering…does anyone know if the announcement on Jeff Weiss’s blog get removed? I can’t find it, or any trace of the MOM site. It would be nice if there was even a note of explanation to the artists wouldn’t it? I’ve not received one word from him. Not a sausage. Bugger all…

  8. Jeff Weiss (owner of Miles of Music) is a thief…plain and simple. He has 1000s of CDs – other artists PROPERTY — and he has stated he has no intention of shipping the artists catalog back to them.

    He also has not PAID out the artists whose product he sold. So dont mourn the death of this rathole “business.”

  9. He actually said he has no intention of shipping it back?
    Can you quote that somewhere?

    I am starting to put together the beginnings of a follow-up to this post that lays out how badly the artists have gotten shafted in this whole deal since nobody else is telling that story.

    I’d love any info any of y’all could provide me.

  10. I’ve not heard a word from the man on any of this. The only thing I’ve seen is the statement on this site. My favourite part is…
    “We aren’t throwing in the towel so much as calling a time-out. For now, though, we are closed for business.”
    Wonder if that’s why he’ll be keeping all the product? Then, when he’s ready to get back in the ring, he’ll be fully stocked. Genius!
    The sad thing is, during this past year as I tried in vain to contact Jeff about payment, the MOM website continued to have new releases featured as normal, so he was continuing to receive and sell new product from indie artists all over the bloody show. Very naughty in my book.
    I’m surprised there’s not more chatter about this online. Is anyone else discussing this anywhere?

  11. I’m surprised there’s not more chatter about this online. Is anyone else discussing this anywhere?

    as far as I can tell this is the only place where it’s getting any talk at all.

    that’s why I am gonna do a follow-up about it from the artists point of view.

    sometime this week I am gonna put up an open call to artists to email their story w/regards to M.O.M. not paying/stealing their property.

    any of you who are interested…email me your story:

  12. Funny Jeff asks us to “Please continue supporting independent artists” whereas he has seemingly ripped off more then a few indie artists and indie labels…even our little Canadian label (weewerk).

    Aside from not paying us one red cent for 3 consignment orders – Jeff had the gall to ask me for a bunch of our new releases for consideration…why would someone do that if they were going out of business?

    I’m really shocked by this behaviour and I will now go online to spout the truth on this slim ball.

    What an asshole!
    Phil Klygo

  13. He very mush stated that he was not going to ship the artists product back (in a blog post) claiming that if he had money to do that, then he would have kept the business open. Uhhh, sorry Jeff, but you have 1000s of CDs that do not belong to you and 1000s of dollar worth of sold product you are not paying out to the arists.

    Austopsy, this was stated on Weiss’s blog last week, but he has since removed the (rather cavalier) post. Maybe the “wayback machine” could pull it up? Regardless, it is criminal what he is doing. What an asshole.

    Anyone have a phone number for this guy, or a working email? He has since closed th sites domain, so the emails just bounce back.

  14. Since I’ve designed a small web app for reading blogs before, I figured Google Reader probably has a cached copy of the M.O.M. blog’s feed. I was right.


    A Note To Bands
    from Miles of Music by Jeff Weiss
    As you have figured out we abruptly closed a few weeks back. The current economic climate along with some older decisions that seemed right at the time all came to a head when the stock market tanked, credit tightened, and, customers stopped buying.

    The company did not shut down with full coffers. No, it shut down completely broke.

    There are loads of bands that are, unfortunately, going to come out on the short end. A business went bad, causing collateral damage.

    Someone asked, “Well, why don’t you just send everything back?” If Miles of Music had the resources to send everything back, the company would also have the resources to continue doing business.

    In 1995 the company set out to do things differently. We wanted to make sure everyone got paid. For a long while we succeeded. At the end, though, it isn’t to be.

    An attorney has been retained to finalize the end of the company. Yes, the attorneys get paid. No, it isn’t coming out of company money. There is no company money. Over the next few months more details will emerge.

    With apologies

    Miles of Music

  15. Trevor, thanks for posting that blog post Weiss removed.

    I’m surprised there is no mention of him screwing all these artists on No Depression/Americana sites yet.

  16. jeff ripped me off too. not for as much as some of you but still pretty lame. karma is a bitch.

  17. Same story here (NOT MUCH HELP TO AN INDIE ARTIST)*

    Because he never paid us for our first albums -I told him copies of our upcoming release would have to be paid for in advance. Never got the check he promised twice….Looks like he just ran out of free product.

    God Bless Him (he’ll need it),


  18. Miles of Music has owed my band The Stone City Stragglers money for at lease 4 years. I tried to contact them about it and they said the person that made my purchase order had left and that they would look into it. I never heard back and sent multiple e-mails with no response. All the banter on your site about them doesn’t surprise me at all, but I don’t believe for one minute that this is a result of the current economic status…like I said I had a 4 year old purchase order that I never got paid for.


  19. hello. some years back you had 2 very special cd’s for sale, im hoping you have some old stock and may have these, the cd’s were a tribute to merle haggard’s guitar player roy nichols who died in 2001, the first cd was called to roy nichols with love vol.1, 1997, the second cd was called to roy nichols with love vol.2 hillbilly down, 2001 the record label was cowgirl records, kathy robertson, I have had no luck in finding these cd’s, im hoping you can help, I have searched the net to hell and back with no luck, gemm, musicstack,, amazon, ebay, and about 30 others, please help! I live in bakersfield, ca, and no luck, thanks, shelby collins, email:
    phone: 661-872-4966
    p.s. in 2001 you did have these cd’s for sale at miles of music.

  20. I just found you and now you are closing. That is a bummer!!!! I do i find your books? I just started to learn to play the violin. Help I need your books bad!!!!! I can’t read a note and your books are great to help me.
    Please Help
    Debbie Robinson

  21. Debbie Robinson,

    Have you not read the posts above yours? It looks like the people at Miles of Music owe artists a lot of money and are now defunct. You need to find another seller, hopefully an ethical one.

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