Mike “Reno” Lund , 1968-2017

I hate that the thing that drives me to the keyboard most is tragedy. I didn’t know Mike well, we only met a time or two, but he was a really big part of a community that is important to me. So I wanted to let this be said by Reno’s musical family, the folks at the Deer Lodge in Portland, OR. This is from their posts:

“As some of you may know, we lost a brother yesterday: Michael Scott Lund, better known as Reno. He was taken way too soon from us, and he will be dearly missed. Words can’t even express how much Mike will be missed. We’ll miss his music, his home-brewed beer, him manning the grill at Deer Lodge events… we’ll just miss him.

He was an amazing man, and a great friend. As well as a great musician!

But, as you can imagine, with him being taken suddenly, and unexpectedly, there was no planning involved from his wife Linda and son Teless. So, they are now facing the loss of a loved one, as well as the stressful costs of a funeral.

So, we have decided to help out the family and raise money to pay for his funeral. Mike would do the same for any of you, so it’s the least we can do while we mourn.

There are several ways you can help:

You can also buy Reno‘s CD, Bruja, from Deer Lodge Records (or on bandcamp), and all of that money will go as well, we have also set up a YouCaring page where you can donate:



If you can donate, please do. If you can’t, can you please share this link? All the money will go directly to Reno’s wife and son, and every little bit helps.

Thank you very much. Let’s try and ease as much burden as we can from Linda and Teless.

To Mike Lund, we love you.”

                                   – the Deer Lodge


Drunken Prayer is also donating the proceeds from their “Drunken Prayer…with Sam Henry” EP to the family. Mike Lund did the original art for the release and put together each package by hand.

Hug a loved one, message a friend. Like the lady said “Stay soft, stay brave”