Michael Dean Damron's "When The Darkness Come" Release

That’s right, folks. For you sad sacks who slept in and forgot to Kickstart Michael Dean Damron (of I Can Lick Any Sonofabitch In The House) and his new record, now you can purchase it for your very own!

You can read RomeoSidVicious’ review here, but if you’re reading this website you should really just grab the record because it’s the only correct answer.

When The Darkness Come is Mike D’s most refined work yet, and is undoubtedly the product of his collaboration with Fernando Viciconte, who produced the record. It maintains the heavy sound associated with Damron’s music, but also provides this incredible creepy depth…if the next season of True Detective has any sense, they’re going to put a Mike D song on the soundtrack.

You can find it over at CDBaby or Amazon, or you can hunt Mike down at a show and give him a big sweaty hug and hand him a wad of money yourself: that is the preferred method of transaction.

Let the Wretched Come Home