Michael Dean Damron & The Loyal Bastards – Bad Days Ahead

“I wanted to do more things musically that this band was incapable of,” comments Damron on his decision to break up the band. “I want to write more rock songs, yeah, but I also want to write country songs, more folk-y songs, and other stuff, stuff the band wasn’t willing to do. They wanted to make all the songs rock songs and a lot of the newer stuff I was writing wasn’t going in that direction. And I didn’t feel like trying to force it upon the song. If the song was a rock song, I was all for it. But if it wasn’t, it needed to not be a rock song”.”  ~ Michael Dean Damron on his decision to break up Icanlickanysonofabitchinthehouse

ninebullets.net was a huge ICLASOB supporter and their split last November kicked off the year of bands I like splitting up.  However, a year later Michael has returned with his new band, Thee Loyal Bastards, and a new cd, Bad Days Ahead. Bad Days Ahead doesn’t have the, ‘crank it to 11’ breakneck rock and roll feel of any of the ICLASOB releases and and it isn’t as tortured and personal as Michael’s solo cd, A Perfect Day For A Funeral, opting instead to play up against and in the wide gap between the two. The new, calmer mood of Damron’s voice still has that signature cigarettes and whiskey-drenched sound, but it’s tempered and less ragged now. Any one familiar with ICLASOB and Michael’s solo material will find the lyrical matter familiar ground. Listening to songs like “Ghost”, I am inclined to agree with Michael’s sentiments about ICLASOB not being the band for these songs. It would have been like dog wearing a duck suit. Sometimes, like on “Moonshine”, you can tell Micheal’s still trying to firm up his footing with all these new sounds to play with, but all in all the cd is well worth your listen.

Listening can be done now if you are willing to buy the cd from the Netherlands-based record label, Rosa Records, as due to some sort of mix-up, the cd will not be coming out on Michael’s domestic label, InMusicWeTrust, ’til February. Michael and the band will also be hitting the road in February with an Alaskan band, The Whipsaws. Maybe, just maybe, they’ll make it all the way down here to Florida.

Michael Dean Damron & The Loyal Bastards – I Love The Rain
Michael Dean Damron & The Loyal Bastards – Ghost
Michael Dean Damron & The Loyal Bastards – Bad Days Ahead

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