This album has been out for a few weeks now and I probably should have already written about it. Truth is, sometimes an album makes me nervous. I start to stress over how I am gonna explain how good an album is and how much I like it, and before I know it I am suffering from the curse of a blank page. Well today, I’ve decided that even a failed effort is superior to no effort, and with that in mind I’d like to talk to y’all about Michael Dean Damron’s new album, Plea From A Ghost.

It’s a rare thing when a songwriter can writes something that conveys its emotions so clearly that not only can it make you feel something, it can convey with perfect clarity the feelings that songwriter was feeling when he/she wrote it. A song is a rarity, an album is almost unheard of and a songbook, which Damron seems to be amassing, requires a self-awareness and willingness to expose oneself that I simply can not relate to. When you listen to Plea From A Ghost, it’s no wonder Micah Schnabel (Two Cow Garage) and Michael Dean Damron are such good friends. They’re essentially the same artist, separated by a few decades worth of life experience, breakups, breakdowns, whiskey and pain.

On Plea From A Ghost, Michael gives you equal parts rock and roll record and confession. It’s exactly what we’ve come to expect from Mike as a soloist and it’s easily Essential Listening. I just wish I could do the album justice.

Michael Dean Damron – Clean
Michael Dean Damron – Dolls
Michael Dean Damron – Dark

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  1. thanks so much for the review. I agree, it’s such a beautiful and such a powerful album. Getting to see Mike D play a handful of shows around Denver recently really hit it all home for me. I feel very lucky to work with Mike.

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