Michael Dean Damron is one of those rare artists that makes it obvious the he lives his music. Whether it’s with I Can Lick Any SOB or his solo work he leaves it all out there for you and me. Sometimes it ain’t pretty and sometimes it’s hard to stomach but that’s because the man writes about real life and doesn’t leave out the viscera. I’ll be completely honest and admit upfront that not every song in his rather large repertoire appeals to me lyrically but that’s where the real magic is with MDD, because, you see, I can’t even turn off his music when I don’t agree with him. There’s something about him, his writing, his blood and guts approach to music makes me keep right on listening no matter what.

Nah, Death I’ma Comin’ For You only proves to me that MDD can do no wrong. Ten new tracks and every last one of them a keeper. As is his style, Mr. Damron drags us all over the emotional spectrum with this one. From the nostalgia with “Mama Song” to the wry angst of “Creakin’ Ol’ Bones” the roller coaster gathers speed throughout the album to finally coming to halt punctuated with the epitaph for our nation “The Day America Died”. The formula here is a simple one though, so simple that most artists these days miss it, and it’s honesty. Not being a poet or a songwriter I imagine that even though it’s a simple concept, at the same time, it’s not easy to pour yourself out in every song and still have anything left. I frankly don’t know how anyone does it but I am damn glad MDD keeps doing it over and over.

It doesn’t get any better than this as far as music goes. Nah, Death stands a very good chance of being my favorite album of the year. You have probably guessed already that this is Essential Listening and if you did you’d be right. If you donated to the Kickstarter you already have these tracks in your greedy little hands and know what I am talking about but if you haven’t then you’ll be happy to know that Mr. Damron has very graciously given us permission to stream Nah, Death right here on 9B for you! So click the little cassette tape thingy, pour yourself some whiskey, and get ready to be amazed.

Stay tuned for the live half of this release…

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  1. This album is so damn good (not to mention the live album that comes with it). Much as I love the righteous anger and disappointment of Auto Tune the World I would have to say the standout track for me is “Fat Kid”. Straight up honesty is Mike D’s biggest strength, and man is he strong.

  2. The Sad Crow gets better and better with each new record. Been loving this one for weeks now.

  3. I am Mike D’s cousin, this is the best music he has done!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love the CD Mike it is awesome, let me know when I can buy it and shirts to go with it! Keep Rockin!

  4. the best/worst album title/art in a long time. the art is almost-instantly loveable. the title i don’t think will grow on me. but it works great in the speech bubble. that’s all true to RSV’s great point that MDD leaves it all out there and doesn’t censor himself.

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