This is Michael’s third album w/o his former Portland, Oregon bandmates, I Can Lick Any Sonofabitch In The House. His first cd, A Perfect Day For A Funeral, was a toned down exceptionally personal affair, while his second, Bad Days Ahead, was more of a midway point between ICLASOB and A Perfect Day For A Funeral. The two left me wondering where Michael was gonna go with his solo career.

Lucky for me the answer was a descent back to the calmer, quieter, more introspective, personal version of Michael Dean Damron, and the result is a total home run. The problems with the equalization/mix that seemed to plague Bad Days Ahead are gone and the biting songwriting is back, giving us a beautiful blend of country, folk, blues, and rock music that highlights the more emotional side of Damron.

Among the 14 tracks there is a cover of 9b faves, Drag the River. A cover of the Thin Lizzy track “Dancing In The Moon Light” (also oft covered by Drag the River) is here, too, as well as Damron’s take on the Townes Van Zandt track “Waiting To Die”. Despite the well-rounded selection of covers, the real standouts on the album are Michael’s originals. Whether is be the sentimental title track “Fathers Day” or the get fucked attitude of “Boy With A Car”, Michael always seems to shine when he is blazing his own path. While some people seem to pine for the bombastic Southern-rock sounds of Mike’s former band, I find the solo Michael Dean Damron sound to be Essential Listening.

Michael Dean Damron – Boy With A Car
Michael Dean Damron – Waiting Around To Die
Michael Dean Damron – Dancin’ In The Moonlight

Michael Dean Damron’s Official Site, Michael Dean Damron on myspace, Buy Father’s Day


  1. Last week I downloaded a a live show of Mike and thee Loyal Bastards where he played ‘Dancin’ In The Moonlight’ and introduced it as a “song he learned form Jon Snodgrass”

    How does his version of ‘Beatiful and Damned’ sound?

  2. this album has been on heavy rotation at the suburban home offices and the other day I was wondering if you were into this album too. I loved ICLASOABIT and love all the solo material.

  3. All that and Mike is a super pro, easy to work with, great guy. At a show that I put together a few months back things started going sideways and Mike (and band) stepped up to the plate and turned in an awesome set that calmed the whole situation down and got the train back on the tracks. Never having seen ICLASOB I didn’t have anything to compare his solo show to but he really knocked it outta the park. Good stuff!

  4. How does his version of ‘Beatiful and Damned’ sound?

    It sounds great. I left it out on purpose so people might buy the cd.

  5. Mike D spits truth. Be it his own songs or a cover, he owns it. When discussing Jon Snodgrass’s love of all things Thin Lizzy before a show in Spokane a few months ago Shane from 2 Cow summed it up perfectly. “Fuck U2, Thin Lizzy is the best Irish band ever.”

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