I recently joined the mailing list, Postcard From Hell. I tried to join it years ago but the sheer mass of email it generated resulted in me unsubscribing about 2 hours later. The original plan this time around was to join for the SxSW info I could gleen from it and promptly unsubscribe as soon as I returned home. Hell, I even told the fella who runs it as much. Then I met some pretty cool people from the list while in Austin and once I got home I just couldn’t bring myself to unsub. Now, I am trying to stay on top of the wave but occasionally it envelops me and I just have to “mark all read” and move on. Well, yesterday one of those “mark all read” threads resurfaced and as it turns out it was a recording of a Micah Schnabel solo show from Natalies Backyard (i dunno if that’s a bar or an actual backyard) way back in September of 09. As I listened to the show I decided I needed to post it over here…

While the sound quality in this show may not always be the best I am posting it because of the amazing job it does of capturing the emotion of a Micah Schnabel solo (and Two Cow Garage as a whole) show. If you’ve ever seen him, or the band before it’ll do a great job of taking you back to that moment. If you’ve never seen the show just stare at the picture above and listen…then make a point to get to a Two Cow or Micah show…

Track Listing:

  1. Intro
  2. American Static
  3. Your Humble Narrator
  4. Cut Me Mick
  5. Swingset Assassin
  6. Should’ve California
  7. No Shame
  8. Folksingers Heart
  9. Duran Duran
  10. The Great Gravitron Massacre
  11. 135
  12. My Blue Heart
  13. American Girl (Tom Petty Cover)
  14. When The Stage Lights Go Dim
  15. Camo Jacket
  16. Hillbilly
  17. Arson
  18. Burn THe Maps



  1. two cow as a band and micah as a soloist blow my fuckin mind, just watched ‘a long way around’ and their progression as a band and individuals over the last five years is pretty remarkable. i had the chance to see these guys with austin lucas and mike hale in missoula, mt last fall and i was definitely moved by how authentic they were. just wondering if anyone has a copy of the song “jackson, don’t you worry” that was posted last week. if so that would be great.

  2. Mr. Shane Sweeney also performed a solo set in the backyard that night. I can hook you up with that if you are interested.

  3. This is one of my favorite bands filled with some of my favorite people. I hate to steal your line, but I haven’t heard anything better since I saw Isbell play with the Truckers. Micah played a solo show in my living room on his last solo tour and it was one of the best show’s of the year.

  4. They played a backyard show here, too, last year.
    It rained like mad and my daughter pushed Micah
    into playing “Camo Jacket”. He wouldn’t do “Alphabet City”, claiming he didn’t remember the words. She offered to prompt him. (Pushy 12 yr. old.) We didn’t record the show.
    We did drink a lot of beer, though.

    If you get a chance to attend one of these shows, DO IT!

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